Time passed. I ate the props.

Hello Wonderhearts!

There are so many things on my mind that I could write about!

Instead of a thousand words though, today I’m gonna SHOW you what I have been doing (see photo above)! Note the empty blue plate? After I drew and painted them, we ate the guavas. Decided to save them from the rotten fate of the capsicums! This picture shall be called “Vincent’s Surprise Guavas” partly because Vincent Van Gogh’s favourite colour combo was blue and yellow (by the way, have you seen the new Dr Who in which they go visit Van Gogh? Heartwarming, I loved it!) The guavas were our surprise actually, as I was beginning to think we didn’t have (and couldn’t get without some kind of extreme transplanting event) the tropicality that she needed to fruit.

In the Categories I have ticked ‘artwork in progress’. Just pondering that, though… It’s more like play, but it’s even more like I Must Do This To Be Me.

I hope you are having a shining, glorious blue and yellow and light filled day.

Much love,
Meg x o


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