Did you google Margie Goodchild?

Why am I here?

Did you google Margie Goodchild? That’s me!

When we knew each other I may have looked like this…

littleMe… if it was a long while ago.

Or, you may have got my name from a gallery where my art is showing…

Either way,¬†thanks for googling to find out! I’m happy to report that I’m still making art!

My art online is under the umbrella ‘Tangerine Meg’. See? MEG are my initials and Meg is another abbreviation of Margaret :)

I own “margiegoodchild.com” and until I have something else there, I figured I’d redirect lovely searchers to my art website. You can read more of my backstory here, check out my art here or download free stuff here.

M x o

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