Live Bold List 56: Art, Life and Education

You might think as a long time artist, graphic designer, student and teacher that I’d’ve had my head around the importance of art & education forever, right? No! I had to work through a bunch of disbelief (and creativity shame) … Continue reading

Live Bold List 42: Making Things, Making Things Fair and Death

I’m bursting to share these wonderful ideas, which are colouring me intrigued this week/month. I love podcasts (and videos that have interesting messages)! Here are a few I enjoyed, sorted by theme. (The above cat linoprint artwork is part of … Continue reading

Live Bold List 2: "Links to Boldness"

Dearly bold-loveds, Did you ever have Rudyard Kipling read to you when you were young? I remember he used to call the reader Dearly Beloved. You beautiful and bold guys are hence the Bold-Loveds. Today’s list is links to random … Continue reading