Work in Progress: Be Kind -Part 1

I love collaborating with people who respond like this to my artwork offerings: And I am rather nerding out that the title of this blog post, not only refers to the artwork and sketches below and relates to the rainbow rally … Continue reading

Bold Living #22

Dearest Bold Soul, Is that you talking? I smell violets :) Love Meg x o PS Feel free to Share, Pin, Tweet, etc. Violets from Judy is available as a Digital Fine Art Print and greeting card (order your greeting … Continue reading

How 2 naughty boys made me realise I was being judgemental and inadvertently gave me flowers

Hey lovely bold soul! Hope you are as well as well can be, and skipping in the sunshine – or internal equivalent :) How a moment can turn around! I was probably glowering. Looking and wondering what the ‘naughty’ boys … Continue reading