Kyeli Smith

Meg’s art is so amazing: bright, cheerful, colorful, deep. I follow her on Instagram, and her work never ceases to bring such light and smiles to my life. I purchased the original of “Tails of Magic”, and it got to … Continue reading

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Claudia Snowden

There is something singularly satisfying about Tangerine Meg’s art. Vibrant colors and whimsical subjects are just the surface. What shines through is a deep understanding and reverence for harmonious living. Check out her work.

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I’ve just had a chance to open up the (2015 cat) calendar & am looking forward to using next year. I must admit my favourite is Mr April, however Sparkle & Blossum and Nutmeg are runners ups!

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I spend a great deal of time in the study and I find Tangerine Meg’s prints not only inspiring but also incredibly uplifting. Their BOLD vibrant colours have the capacity of picking up my spirits when I’m feeling down. So … Continue reading

Barbara Setzer

I don’t send as many cards as I used to – so many of my friends have gone completely digital. For those I still send “real cards” to, I want something special as they are my dearest friends.