FLOW(ER) Exhibition with Julie Frahm

I’ve just finished exhibiting with: South Australian glass jeweller Julie Frahm!

Welcome to the webpage for our June 2021 art exhibition! The physical exhibition is was at T’Arts Collective, from May 31 to June 27 (address and open hours below). Hope you can drop in, if you’re in RAdelaide!

Why do Julie and I want to show our art together?

Julie and I are artist friends who both create using joyful colour schemes in glass jewellery and paintings, respectively.


FLOW – Whether it’s the flow of molten glass or watercolours merging, our glass pieces and paintings are snapshots, capturing a moment in the creative flow of their making.

FLOWER – Both Julie and I have a penchant for floral motifs. Fortunately, while our environment (and us!) need flowers for pollinated productivity, we can enjoy them simply brightening our day, too.

Another thread connecting our different mediums is they utilise light. Light passes through, reflects and refracts within glass. Light bounces off paper illuminating the translucent watercolour paint.

The Three Challenges

Knowing our creations would be displayed together, we set ourselves three challenges to inspire cohesive work. We decided to respond to Russian abstract artist, Wassily Kandinsky (especially this picture), Frida Kahlo and Mexican folk art embroidery – and tip our hats to Australian native flowers (in our own ways)! Months of independent-yet-companionable creation has resulted in this saturated-in-sunshine collaborative collection.

I was surprised as I made my way through the prompts (in the above order) that my work so featured felines. Click this to read the stories behind the pictures.

Julie Frahm’s Jewellery

Here are some of Julie’s pieces for our exhibition! To see the evolving story of how this collection of wearable art came together – from technique to beads to jewellery – check out Julie’s instagram. To view her on-line pre-exhibition earring sale, click the earring image above or this text link.

Did you know we interviewed each other? Fun, right? Click this to read my Bold Interview with Julie Frahm. Or click this to read Julie interviewing me on her website.

I love wearing my Julie Frahm jewellery and do so whenever I can! … The glass is magical and her colour combinations warm my heart!
~ Meg

Jewellery by Julie Frahm – it’s just so good.. we’re both wearing her pieces in the photo below :)

Take a piece of the exhibition home!

An original painting or piece of jewellery will bring a fresh breath of joy to your world! One-of-a-kind pictures and jewellery will be available in June only from the exhibition venue. This is so we don’t inadvertently sell a one-off item to two separate people!

If you can’t get to FLOW(ER) in June [hello covid travel limitations!] you can still take home a piece of our exhibition… To order prints of my art, simply scroll down on this very page. Or, click this to get some of Julie’s earrings (or bracelets or necklaces) for your body!

Thank you for your support – enjoy your pieces!

T’Arts Collective Gallery

Thank you T’Arts for having me as a guest artist collaborating with Julie Frahm, a T’Arts member … Julie has generously shared her window feature exhibition space with me! Can.not.wait to It was so glorious to see our work together in real life!

T’Arts is a gallery-shop run by artists, offering one-off pieces and limited editions of decorative, wearable and functional art. Of the 34 Australian artists and designers displayed at T’Arts, at least 25 are South Australian.
You’ll find textiles, ceramics, glass, paintings, printmaking, jewellery, sculpture, bags, accessories and more. Click this to read a review of T’Arts Collective.

Venue address and open times

Exhibition dates: May 31 to June 27, 2021. << now finished.
(You can still) Find T’Arts Collective at Gays Arcade, 10G Rundle Mall, Adelaide SA 5000.
T’Arts Collective is open Monday to Saturday, 10am – 5pm. Closed Sundays and public holidays.

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