Splendid Tshirts

Want to live a life more bold and less ordinary? Make a statement before you even say a word, with your happy Tshirt or with other art drenched object! #introvertshout

A selection of Red Bubble objects with a graphic heart design, and the wording "Marriage Equality" on them.Click any of the pictures on this page to go check out my Red Bubble PoD shop.
PoD = ‘Print on Demand’, meaning you select your item (tshirt, iPhone cover, bag, journal, leggings, etc) including size, style and so on, to go with the art you want, and the company – Red Bubble in this case – manufactures and sends out the Fabulous Thing just the way you choose it. Fun, right? #artoneverything #artineverydaylife

A selection of Red Bubble objects with a graphic heart design, and the wording "Marriage Equality" on them. Post a photo on my Facebook page of yourself with your new bold art item if you’d like to Share. I’d be happy to see, and I’m sure the rest of the tribe would too!

heart-art-on-objects_600Red Bubble is a fantastic company. The products are of high quality, and the customer service is both excellent and hilarious (let me know if you agree once you get your confirmation email!) Your PoD order is handled entirely by Red Bubble … from ordering and production, through to shipping and customer service. To keep in touch with RedBubble sign up for their news. To keep in touch with me, click this & join my mailing list!

heart-content-objects3Click the following text links for other items posted directly from me to you: limited edition hand painted lino prints & one-of-a-kind watercolours, bold art calendars, fine art prints, greeting cards, colouring pages or art lessons.


To request a particular piece of my art to be put onto a particular item, contact me and I’ll do my best!

Let me know how you go!

Talk soon,
Meg x o
Tall image with 3 people wearing clothes printed with Tangerine Meg design "rainbow flowers" and hand-written looking font for header text