Colouring Pages for Adults

Woohoo! Printable coloring pages for adults!

Do you love and adore colouring in? I know how much colour lights up my life – seeing it, painting it, wearing it – and I think you might be a kindred spirit.

Funnily enough, this is probably the least colourful page of my whole website! I’m imagining these black and white drawings becoming happily rainbow hued, as a welcome healthy-for-the-soul, focus-on-the-present addition to your day! Welcome to my first ever offering of coloring pages for adults. (Oh, second really, I didn’t count this sampler >> download your gift cat colouring page here.)

What to do

Step 1: Order your favourite colouring page or create your own set of five
Step 2 and 2a: Download and Print
Step 3: Chill out and colour :D #happytimes

I’ve left about 10mm of white space at the edges of the coloring pages so none of the drawing gets cut off – which as you know can be a pitfall of even modern home printing devices – as well as for visual breathing space! #graphicdesignprinciple

How much for this creative fun?

Pages are $3 each.
Or, to get 5 for $10 (ie. $2 each) enter code “Wo0t!” (without the quote marks) at checkout.

Select your own set of five and print out several times if you like – handy if you like to experiment with different colour schemes or colour with a family member.

Quirky Artist Drawings for a Modern Hippie to colour

Whether you colour inside, outside or beside the lines, I hope you enjoy zenning out on these started-for-you art projects.

Can’t wait to see your happy colours, and hear your feedback! Scroll down to choose your pages today! :)

Share your coloured-in results on my Facebook page if you care to!
Love, Meg x o