How do I Frame my Lino Print?

(Or one-of-a-kind Watercolour or other Artwork on Paper)?

Is this you, bold soul?

You’re craving delicious bold art for your home to have your walls reflect your light and quirkiness back at you … but you’re putting it off, troubled that you’ve no idea how to display, protect or even handle an original artwork, and thinking “I know nothing about works on paper”, or “Framing looks such a precise and specialised task!”

Never fear, we’ll sort this out together.

Good news: Caring for your artwork is akin to caring for a musical instrument. This downloadable, printable leaflet will help get you started on your journey as an art collector smoothly, with an organised and knowledgable ‘frame’ of mind! :)

Header image for "Downloadable framing guide" for new art collectors

The downloadable leaflet “How do I Frame my Lino Print? (Or One of a Kind Watercolour or other artwork on paper)?” is a page – I’m not counting the typographical cover – of easily read and digested basic framing information. I talk about glass, choosing a frame, mount board proportions, archival aspects, how to show off those lovely paper edges, the difference between “float” and “window” mounts, and how to care for your artwork. (Keep it with the piano and it’ll be fine!)

NB This leaflet *does not* teach you how to physically construct frames – that is so not my area of expertise! It will alert you a few things (above) to consider when – or before – your picture arrives.

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Cover and info sheet for leaflet "How do I Frame my Lino Print?" with hand-written looking font in bright coloursDid I miss anything? I’d love you to email or message me if you have any other questions about this leaflet, its contents or framing art or art collecting. Remember, if you’ve a question, other bold souls will probably be glad to hear the answer, too!

Please note, bold soul:
I recommend when ordering by post, that you order your original bold art unframed, partly due to the increase in both cost and likelihood of breakability. This leaflet contains beginners tips that will help you feel more comfortable talking to your own local framing artisan!

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Talk soon,
Love Meg x o


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  3. Meg,
    Fellow foodie Joanne Camas from EPIcurious recently shared an interview w/ you at our beloved common foodie website and that was my fun introduction to your fabulous work! I just love whimsical imagery & bright colorful spirits, and your art and website provide just that. Thank you for being, dear! smiles- kevin (chubbyalaskagriz)

    • Hey Kevin! So glad we have matching intersecting interests! Welcome to the tribe :)
      Love Meg x o
      PS Oops… I thought I’d previously replied here (I had on Epicurious).

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