Pear Shaped. And other glimpses from a lock down studio.

Why Pear Shaped?

You’ll have noticed I paint quite a lot of pears in my still lifes! Concurrently, in the past couple of years the world has gone somewhat ‘pear-shaped’ – disarray from fire, flood, pandemic and more…
Personally, I don’t adore the term ‘pear shaped’ as it seems disrespectful to pears (which are awesome). I guess the implication is that you were going for a precise circle shape and it went amiss. However, it was interesting to me to reference pears (the fruit) and pear-shaped (the unwanted type) for the title of my exhibition, to find some acceptance in beautiful nourishment and chaos both existing at the same time.

Even though – or perhaps especially when – things have gone pear-shaped (in the unwanted way), humans need moments of nourishment to refill our inner cups. It’s one of the reasons we need art!

Welcome to the webpage about my 2022 art exhibition: Pear Shaped. And other glimpses from a lock down studio

This collection is 10 paintings of such still lifes in vibrant, life-affirming watercolour. Long-time favourites nasturtiums and pears are appreciated here, punctuated by a protea and sunflowers & bolstered by an abundance of patterns.

Tangerine Meg’s delight and appreciation radiates from the paintings. She offers everyday objects seen differently, and challenges the assumption that “pear-shaped” is an unwanted state.

Make your favourite picture yours today!

Here are the first four paintings confirmed of the ten to be exhibited… (Click the green View Product button below to read more if one resonates with your eyes and your heart!)

Here are the first four pictures confirmed:

Four vibrant still life paintings by Tangerine Meg are the first confirmed for her Pear Shaped exhibition 2022

If you love gifting (think engagements, house warmings) or owning (like: I.Neeeeed.This.In.My.Life) unique, original bold art pieces that no one else will have, these are for you.

You can purchase now online, or during August at the exhibition. Either way, while the exhibition runs, your picture will be displayed safely marked with a red sold sticker, being viewed with appreciation by SALA Festival visitors for four weeks.
After the exhibition (on September 1 or 2) your new artwork will be available to collect from Mockingbird Lounge (Glenelg South), ready to add to your art collection and enjoy forevermore. Incidentally, you’ll also get a complimentary 2023 art calendar that features your artwork on one of the months! #VIP

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Here are the next three confirmed pictures:

Three still life paintings by Tangerine Meg will be in her 2022 Pear Shaped exhibition

Technical bit

I create the hand-drawn lines with light-fast water-resistant Art Spectrum ink and an old-fashioned ‘dip pen’. Once I’ve created the lines, I do all my colouring with Winsor and Newton Artists’ Watercolours. I create my original art upon archival quality watercolour paper, usually Arches paper from France.

Picture Dimensions: The images are approximately 32 cm high x 21 cm wide (12.5″ x 8″), and the professionally custom-created frame (included in price) measures about 60cm high x 48cm wide x 2cm deep (24″ x 19″ x 1″).

Note: The painting sizes vary slightly, and of this writing they aren’t yet framed. If a difference of a centimetre or two will make a difference for your display space, contact me and I’ll measure for you once the framing is completed (around June).

Exhibition details

Venue Mockingbird Lounge, 68 Broadway, Glenelg South, South Australia.
Phone 08 8294 3398
Exhibition Dates August 5 – September 1. (Painting pick up Sept 1, 2).
Launch August 5, 5-8pm – save the date to see the pics (and maybe even me) in real life!
Open 7 Days, 10am – 4pm

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