Art Cards

Saving the world from insipid illustrations and generic greetings – one greeting card at a time!

Tangerine Meg artist cards are as vibrant and distinctive as you and your loved ones.

Tangerine Meg artist cards are complete gifts in themselves – a divine piece of art that will surprise and delight.

Tangerine Meg artist cards are gloriously blank and waiting to receive your personalised message of congratulations, love or encouragement.

Meg’s cards are original, quirky and entirely delightful. I love sending them to friends and family – they seem to be appropriate for every occasion.
Sue Webb, Adelaide, Australia

For 25% off, on 10 or more cards, paste in code “10PACK” (without the quote marks) at checkout.


Choose the card that reminds you of your friend or family member!

Each card features a quality digital print of an original Tangerine Meg artwork, a lusciously bold image celebrating the joyous beauty in everyday life, and packaged with a suitably coloured envelope. Stock up now so you have your own store of gorgeous cards ready for important occasions, or for times you want to let a special person know you are thinking of them.

Hints for Your Card Order

  1. Select the Title of the Picture when choosing your wanted cards, not only the image, before clicking “Add to cart”. (Clicking on the title brings up the matching image, but the reverse seems to not be true – bit of a tech situation to work with to get the cards you really want!)
  2. Please double check your order before payment, so the correct cards can be shipped to you, thus saving time and double handling
  3. Remember for 25% off, on 10 or more cards, paste in code “10PACK” (without the quote marks, copy/paste for best accuracy) at checkout


Thank you for choosing my art cards! I hope they bring joy and smiles to you and your loved ones :)
Meg x o


PS Although the images shown vary in size and layout, they are all featured on either a vertical or horizontal white greeting card that fits into a C6 envelope – for standard postal rates!