Paintings and Lino Prints

What is this thrilling, joyful, quicksilver life of ours for, if not to live boldly? To plunge into each and every moment, to devour the most luscious fruit, to dance barefoot through the grass, to splash ourselves and our homes with brilliant colour!

Buy Tangerine Meg Art to:

  • remind you daily of the wondrous vibrancy of your own bold soul
  • be a siren’s call, inspiring abandon and laughter in your home and life
  • share with your dearest family and friends – surprise them, make them smile, and cheer for their most special moments.

Choices, choices—how can you stop at just one Bold Art piece in your life?

These juicy pieces of Wall Art are exuberant show-stoppers, sure to energise rooms, spark conversations and brighten your day.

If you (or your giftee) want something that nobody else has, a limited edition lino print or one of a kind painting might just the thing! Thoughtfully chosen art is a keeper gift for a wedding, engagement, graduation or 21st gift. And for your dear self.

Below you can find one-of-a-kind watercolours and limited edition lino prints. Click through to the painting or print you like. #firstinbestdressed

Technical bits

I make my lino prints in short run limited editions, and they and my one of a kind, joyful watercolours are on 100% cotton rag paper from France, and created with archival materials.

I recommend ordering Unframed if it’s coming to you via the postal service/s – this reduces likelihood of damage, saves us both money on postage, and gives you the chance to support a local-to-you framing artisan.
If you can pick up at McLaren Vale (South Australia) I can arrange professional custom framing for you, for $120. When using the postal service, shipping for fragile items such as framed paintings, and the needed custom art box tends to run to a couple of hundred dollars.

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