What Bold Souls Say, aka. Testimonials

Testimonials, from Bold Souls living with my Bold Art :)

What delightful people are the Bold Soul Tribe! Mwah, kindred spirits! Thank you!


Sylvias Memorial Wall_630Maureen

I am just thrilled with Sylvia’s Custom Cat portrait. It gives me great pleasure to see her memorialized in her portrait every day.

I cried when I received it.

You were very easy to work with (in gathering the information and photos about Sylvia that made her special to me and what I wanted shown in her portrait).

You really captured not only the details that I loved about Sylvia but her essence. I love the flowers around her as well as the bright cheerful colors of her portrait.

Thank you again. Best regards, -Maureen



Meg’s art is so amazing: bright, cheerful, colorful, deep. I follow her on Instagram, and her work never ceases to bring such light and smiles to my life. I purchased the original of “Mermaid’s Tail”, and it got to me super fast despite there being like a gazillion miles of ocean between us.

It graces my mermaid wall, and is truly a joy to behold every single time I look at it.

I feel so grateful to have her work in my life! ~ Kyeli Smith



There is something singularly satisfying about Tangerine Meg's art. Vibrant colors and whimsical subjects are just the surface. What's shines through is a deep understanding and reverence for harmonious living. Check out her work. ~ Claudia Snowden, from Trailblazerhorizontal_2


Daffodil yellow walls featuring several Tangerine Meg art printsKathy

I spend a great deal of time in the study and I find Tangerine Meg’s prints not only inspiring but also incredibly uplifting.

Their BOLD vibrant colours have the capacity of picking up my spirits when I’m feeling down. So very cheering!

I am so thankful that I “happened” on Meg and her
wonderful art.
Kathy, Adelaide, Australia


Photo of Tammy Vitale is wearing Tangerine Meg Rainbow Lady tshirt design, along with one of her own necklaces, in front of her own beautiful sculptureTammy

“Meg is wonderful – she has such great energy I can feel it all the way from Australia – I hope you took a minute to check out her art.

It is the kind of art you can live with everyday and everyday it will make you smile!”
Tammy Vitale

horizontal_2Image for testimonial page: Lino Print of three vibrant orange mandarins, with a blue background and a rainbow borderCatherine

I don’t buy art often. Not because I don’t know that art improves your life – it does! – but because most art I find is… how can I say it… pastel. And I hate pastel. Detest pastel. Pastels make me feel boring and wishy-washy. I’m a bold soul! I want bold art!

Meg’s art is the antithesis of pastel. And that’s why I bought it.

Down with the pastel! Hooray for bold art!

Catherine Caine Cash and Joy


Customer testimonal on watercolour backgroundhorizontal_2

Yvette J on the jetty, she is smiling and wearing Rainbow Lady tshirt design on orange shirt, and holding a rainbow umbrella.Yvette

I wear this shirt to yoga class, as well as out and about on my days off.

Which design did you get? Why did you choose that one?

Rainbow Lady – she spoke to me as soon as I saw her! And I was so happy to get her on an orange shirt – I hate white tshirts. I believe life is too short to be black and white. I surround myself with colour and this includes my clothing.

I think the colours around us affect our mood and if everyone is wearing dark colours, it sets a dark mood across the community. I try to break that up and it always brings a smile from strangers.

I am exploring my artistic self and Tangerine Meg’s artworks inspire me. Wearable art means mobile inspiration!
– Yvette J, Melbourne Australia; click this for Yvette’s blog


Anthea showing us her Tangerine Meg painting in her light, colorful living room.Anthea

I have had Meg’s beautiful art work displayed in my home for the last 17 years, and I love it! In addition I always keep a selection of Meg’s cards on hand and enjoy giving them to friends on special occasions. It is always a pleasure to catch up with Meg and to see her latest creations.
–  Love Anthea XX (Adelaide, Australia)
Click this to check out Anthea’s Jewellery


Lino prints in black frames: "Thriving" (woman combined with a plum tree) and "Black and White Cat in the Garden". Both lino prints have rainbow borders.Rebecca

The prints are truly more vibrant and lovely than I even imagined — I’m beyond honoured to hang these in my humble abode. They really are going to bring a bold and nourishing splash of colour to our lives.
Rebecca Leigh


daffodil yellow walls with display of Tangerine Meg framed printshorizontal_2

Smiling lady wearing glasses and holding framed bright bold artwork; hand lettered looking font announces "Testimonials"; tall format image;

"There is something singularly satisfying about Tangerine Meg's art. Vibrant colors and whimsical subjects are just the surface. What's shines through is a deep understanding and reverence for harmonious living. Check out her work. ~ Claudia Snowden



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