It’s November, and the 2024 Calendars are here!

Hoorah! My 2024 Bold Art Calendar cover is here for your perusal!

Just between you and me, don’t merely ‘peruse’ for too long though… I’m not printing excess calendars this year – just the quantity that gets ordered in this 1-2 week window (final date to be confirmed)… order yours today!

To order your calendars, click the picture to go to the calendar page, or find the 2024 Calendars button at the top of my website.

The cover of Tangerine Meg's 2024 Bold Art Calendar, which feature a painting of a big rainbow in a cloudy sky, over a landscape of suburban fences and rooftops. Rainbow birds swoop and dive in the distance.Please note, if you have any problems with ordering on your device (phone, iPad, etc) please can you try using a desktop computer? This is tech that I’m working on, but it won’t be fixed by next week…

Have a lovely week, dear one,
Meg x o
















A big call, and calendars in the pipeline

Hey, wonderful human :)
I hope this finds you well.
Thanks for your patience while I play with writing and pausing… experimenting to get a sense of my New Right Amount of blog posts!

Let’s decide together for the better!

Here’s a link to a short sweet video for the YES vote at the October 14 Australian referendum. The option YES may not be practically-perfect-in-every-way (like Mary Poppins), but sounds like a way forwards in the reality of these times. The persons who put together the Uluru Statement from the Heart have shown graciousness and patience. Here’s a link to Osher Gunsberg’s podcast when he talks about the referendum – and talking to people about the referendum – in more detail.

2024 Art Calendars!

Thank you everyone who’s asked when my 2024 art calendars are going to be available! I much appreciate your queries.

A: I’m aiming for a September (October?) release for the 2024 Calendars. There’ll be one type (not several themes) with a collection of kitty pictures, still lifes and encouraging quotes.

Stay tuned, dear one! Join my mailing list if you like, to be sure you get first notice when the new calendar webpage is ready, along with the member’s 10% off code. [This time, I’m not going to print so many – indeed I hope to run out!]

How did this happen?

Sometimes I get myself a bit riled up when I consider: how has marketing basically got us thinking that living itself is to be ‘fixed’, simply by changing the term ‘living’ to ‘ageing’… It makes no sense upon closer inspection, does it? How did we get sucked in to that?

I’m appreciating:

Not being on social media!

The weather warming up, readying for Spring here in the Southern Hemisphere!

And many thanks to YOU, for reading this!


Love and peace, and take care of yourself!
(And, hold steady – calendars will be headed into the light soon!)
Meg x o


PS I needed a rest this year from doing a full solo SALA exhibition, although I have a couple of new pictures at both Fleurieu Arthouse and Artworx at Goolwa in group exhibits.

PS2 Adelaide bold souls: have you been to see Frida? She (Frida Kahlo) and Diego (Riviera her twice husband) and friends and associates who were around are in a travelling exhibition at the Art Gallery of South Australia entitled Love and Revolution until September 17. Swoooon …

That’s not me! When not ‘recognising myself’ was a positive moment

I hope you are well, dear reader :)

How could ‘not’ recognising myself online be a good sign?

A couple of days before drafting this, I was watching YouTube or online TV, and an image of a woman’s face came up in an ad or as a preview or something… Some of her attributes were similar to mine (dark hair, fair skin…) and I guess I was supposed to recognise myself and want to buy or watch something …

My head-chatter said “… that’s not me”.

Note which way around that was… previously I would’ve gone right to “I’m not that” (then silently >>) “… and-I-am-therefore-defective-and-not-enough-and-need-to-buy-something…”!

Hello there, recognising that inner narrator’s voice! That difference sounds slight and felt huge!
Instead of judging myself against a random stranger’s image on-line (and falling into associated shame and marketing hooks) and finding myself less than, I saw a person-not-me, and didn’t need to engage. So not I’m Not Them, but They’re Not Me.
Am I actually getting of a boundary, a sense of self? Am I getting more familiar with who I actually am, by barely engaging online, ‘specially with socials? It looks like maybe so… Happy am I. That feels like progress.

How dare Liz choose to live by feeling?

Here’s a podcast when Liz Gilbert is interviewed and states quite openly that her mind can’t always be trusted and she lives by feel. Go her! I aspire to that!

Hoorah for SALA!

2022 SALA is long over now, in fact it’s time for artists to register for 2023. [I started writing this months ago, and only now finished it.] I’m thankful to have sold 6 of the 14 paintings I had in various galleries. For the record, 10 were in my solo exhibit at Mockingbird Lounge, and 2 originals were in group exhibitions at Artworx Gallery (Goolwa) and Fleurieu Arthouse (McLaren Vale, SA…).

I hope you’re well!
‘Speak’ soon,
Meg x o

PS There are still 2023 Calendars awaiting good homes. Go here and check them out! At this stage of the year I’ll send you 2 for the price of one.

PS2 Stay tuned. New paintings are coming soon – once I do some scanning – and I’ve a question for you about the next round (already!) of calendars.

PS3 If you want to make sure you get everything I make and write, including blog posts like this one straight to your inbox, join my mailing list. I’m in a different mode than online right now, and have not written either here or the eNewsletter for some months. I like it. It feels like life! [Dare I say?! Yes I dared.]

Stepping back from the geyser and finding flow

What geyser?

The stream of ads and messages, and comparison-intended-to-get-you-to-feel-bad-and-buy-stuff, and shouting and violently-edited sports ads, and un-nuanced stories and snippets that make your heart sink or race.

That’s not life. That’s algorithm and disruption and big players getting unnecessarily bigger.

We’re not just consumers. [I read this Kate Haworth book Doughnut Economics. (Yah, I totally read an economics book. Who am I?) Thank you Kate for making the content so accessible! Dear reader, LMK if you read it, ok? Ms Raworth also has an excellent TED talk or two.]

We’re makers and talkers and feelers, players and swimmers and checkers of mailboxes.

We’re dancers and gardeners and sleepers and laughers.

We’re joyous and melancholy and distracted by babies and small birds.

We’re walkers and twirlers.

We’re resters. I can’t wait to read this book >>> Rest is Resistance by Tricia Hersey. [I have read: Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker – soooo goooood. ]

We’re cookers, bakers, readers, doers of puzzles.

We’re patters of kitties and walkers of hounds.

We’re climbers of steps and wonderers at sunsets.

We think. We feel. We understand. We empathise.

We tell our own stories. We hear each other. We are us.

I am loving not being on social media!

I’m LOVING not having my days eaten up and miserably spat out from scrolling my precious moments away on the socials!

I’m barely on the socials. When I am, I quickly catch comparisonitis and struggle to stop scrolling. Sad but true, and my reason for backing right off. [Stolen Focus by Johann Hari is eye-opening, excellent. I may’ve mentioned it a couple of times!]

I’ve unsubbed from netflix.

I’m still unsubscribing from various emails.

And, I’ve signed up for a few different ones that nourish my heart. I’d love if my artist eNewsletter could be that for you :)

I’d rather look at my books or make something, find a friend for a phone conversation or take a photo or a walk.

I went to a concert for the first time in many years – certainly since covid isolation times … It was loud and late and funny and I was tired but happy and I was with humans and they were smart and delightful and musical.

I’m making stuff

If you want to get one or three [make a statement in a row over the sideboard!] of my paintings, check out my paintings and prints webpage or drop into my most central gallery Fleurieu Arthouse at McLaren Vale, or my most southern gallery Artworx Gallery at Goolwa, or for the latest-latest-latest peeks (the paint is only just dry) sign up for my eNewsletter, [Tangerine Juice] … I’m evolving the newsletter a little bit and am now including what I’m reading and listening to, to give an extra glimpse behind the scenes. (You also get sweet free downloads and a birthday email.)

Take care of your precious self!
Speak soon,
Meg :)



PS Buy your 2023 bold art calendars now. <<< Hopefully they’ll sell out so click that link to acquire yours!
Or (if you already know about shipping and paper and you’re au fait with ordering online, etc), here are the simplified pages of the three themes: Cats, Flowers, Quotes.

Plenty Calendars 2023

I’m starting to think my Calendars Aren’t Just Calendars… they’re more like a series of heartfelt reminders, transmitted via my art and thoughtful quotes, from PastMe to FutureUsses … a printed time device to resonate with our hearts.

There’s an artwork example on the cover – the Plenty calendar is a collection of my vibrant still lifes. (That’s spelled correctly by the way, there’s no ‘v’ in Still Lifes…)

Cover image of Tangerine Meg Plenty (Still Life) Calendar 2023

My artworks are vignettes of gratitude – gratitude for colour, for simple pleasures like a handful of garden flowers, for the juiciness of a ripening pear – I often paint pears! – and gratitude for happily clashing patterns… They seem to be signs of abundance to me! I exhibit & sell the original paintings, too, and for about 10 years I’ve also been creating these artist calendars…

Here’s one of the timely human messages, from the June page:

snapshot of martin luther king quote on calendar pageClick this to watch the video of me introducing the 2023 calendars.

I’ll try to embed the video here, but it’s possible the tech might not work, so that’s the link if you want to copy/paste it and watch my calendar-introducing awkwardness, before I had my latest haircut!

To order one of the 2023 Plenty calendars for yourself – or a friend with a January birthday! – click this or the cover above … there are a couple of dozen left at this time of this writing, and we’re only days into 2023 so there’s plenty (<<< see what I did there?) of time to get a lot of joy from it!

My pace of blogging has really slowed. I’m ok with that if you are. The thing I try to make sure I do, if I run out of energy, will be the eNewsletter … sign up as a subscriber to receive [Tangerine Juice] eLetters from the heart of my studio direct to your inbox.

‘Speak’ soon,
Meg :)



PS All 3 (three) calendar themes are here.

Don’t need the details, click this if you just want a Cat calendar.

Rainbows & Connections (Quote) calendars are here.













Pictures 98-102 of my 100 Pictures Project

As you can see from the title of this blog post there was a numbering [or naming?] issue with my #100Pictures Project! It’s an approximately 100 Pictures Project in the end… I went a bit over & I also inadvertently skipped one. 101 is ‘good enough’ [… incidentally a concept I’m only recently applying to humaning and daily life but more on that another time perhaps!]

Part of me has been holding off completing this wrap up post … because then what will I even doooooo? However, here we are! Let’s finalise the recording of the artworks and trust that what happens next will be ok, too… Very likely something to look forward to, right?

Here are the rest of the paintings! Ta-daaaa ….

98: King Protea

This is for my friend, L, who adores the architectural-ness of King Proteas, with their grand flowers and poise. [Does seeing them holding their head high on their stems encourage you to sit up a little straighter as it does with me?]

In this picture, the soft radiance of the bloom is anchored by rhythmic symbol patterning in the background, that reads almost as a lattice.

Along with the freshness of the unexpected colour combination of pink, leafy green and buttery yellow, this painting has poise of its own … It would be a happy picture for a lobby, office or waiting room.
Click this to check availability.

99: Pear, Posy and Paisley

This one would have fitted right in with the Pear Shaped exhibition ;)

The lit up nasturtium petals are supported by cut glass reflections/refractions, a pear (natch!), and paisley and other patterns…

This mini landscape (table scape?) is a wandering adventure for the eyes, suited for a well lit hallway or beside the stairs.

Click this to go to the prints and paintings page of my website to make it your own!


100: Still Life with Gooseberries

This painting was in my Pear-Shaped 2022 SALA exhibition and is in a white timber frame, available and ready to hang on your wall.

This collection of home-grown cape gooseberries, still in their papery lanterns, is arranged on a vintage salad china plate of green and red, snuggled amongst more paisley, and backed by a quilt design of my imagination.

There is NO FLUORO-ness of the colours in the actual painting. I don’t know why jpegs sometimes go fluoro! To imagine the real thing, mentally mute that acidic colour pop! It’s a vibrant picture in its own right, but not fluorescent.

Click this to check availability.

101: Sunflowers and Frangipanis from Helen

This original watercolour – available now! – is in the 2023 Plenty Calendar and was well-loved in my Pear-Shaped Exhibition.

This sunny artwork with sunflowers and frangipanis, includes my signature fascination with glass reflections & refractions, and a sweet, very ripe pear popping in to say hi.

This cheery welcoming picture [hello!] is already framed with a white timber frame and would go well in a dining room, lobby, hall or office. Or, where would you hang it?

Click this to check availability.

102: Ripe Pears and Blues – SOLD

The original of this painting was in the aforementioned exhibition, and was/is sold – to a member of my [Tangerine Juice] eNews tribe, who snapped it up when she saw the preview in the eNewsletter. When she saw it in person, she messaged me:

“I picked up the picture last Friday and have now found the perfect spot! It is more stunning in real life than I imagined –  and is also in the calendar.”
~ Jenny E, Fleurieu Peninsula

If you adore this one too, there are fine art prints and, as noted, it features in the 2023 Plenty Calendar.


If you purchase one of the exhibition paintings, the offer still holds that you also receive a calendar as an extra bonus (subject to availability). Thank You! If calendars aren’t your kind of thing, you can use it for a gift, or drop me a note saying you don’t need it!

Thanks for being here!

Sign up for my eNewsletter, if you’re not already, ‘cos if I start to run out of energy, that’s the one I try to prioritise getting out.

Wishing you all of the well. Speak soon,
Meg :)


Click this to order 2023 Art CalendarsClick this to watch the intro video I made showing you the freshly-landed calendars!
Click this for greeting cards.
Click this to see available unframed and framed originals.
Click this to see if your favourite original painting-that’s-already-sold is available as a fine art print.

Pictures 91 – 97 of my 100 Pictures Project

Hellooooo, lovelies!

Oh my gosh, so much on the homeward stretch – this is the penultimate post about my #100PicturesProject …

Currently my 2022 SALA exhibition is on show, once more at the wonderful Mockingbird Lounge bookshop, which has also gifts & is a cafe. The stories in my art are surrounded by stories in books :) There’s so much goodness there to see/read/take home!

Meanwhile, here are the next pictures in my long-term #100PicturesProject:

91: Soft (Humphrey) – SOLD

This sweet Selkirk Rex (Humphrey’s cat breed) is a cat portrait I finished last year, one of the last when I was still offering such services. This prized kitty goes into cat shows, and is a very loved cat at home, where he is amongst loving cat people and other beloved felines.

The actual picture is in one of the office (chambers?) welcome rooms of the lawyer who commissioned it.

92: Generous (Winter Nasturtiums) – SOLD

A description for Mother Nature’s abundance: ‘generous’… right?

I cleared the walking path of vigorous nasturtium runners, and was gifted with this posy of delight! I adore them with the deep blue behind the flowers and green foliage. And the spotty china is super fun…

93: Nasturtiums and Checks

This was done at a similar time to the above, perhaps why there’s quite a lot of blue in the background here, too.

A sweet thrifted shirt/blouse was muse for the fabric, with two different checks underlying the reflect-y/refract-y aqua glass in the foreground, along with more of Mother Nature’s zestful glory … the background is more of lattice type pattern to make sure we have quite.enough.checks.

An abundant light and colour-filled piece – for a kitchen perhaps?

94: Oops!

I don’t seem to have given the number 94 to a picture! Which is ok, because I inadvertently went up to number 102, on the tail end of this, so I still made it to at least 100 actual pictures.



In memoriam.

96: Rainbow Boots, Recycling and Favourite Vase

An arrangement of everyday objects!

The monolithic white bottle holds a whole bunch of plastic lids headed for the recycle bin – the bread tags go in too – so that they don’t fall down the cracks of the recycling machines and get stuck in the works.

I’m still loving on this vase; this picture gives a hint of its relatively small stature.

The boots! A neighbour was headed to the rubbish bin with them – they had become somewhat smelly was their reason – and I side-tracked them to include in this picture.

97: Nasturtiums in Jars

Glory be: more nasturtiums! This time with uncommon (where I am) blossoms of pale yellow and some soft oranges and reds … They’re held by a yellow glass jar and a jam jar, and arranged as a sweet still life.

Any room would be uplifted with this sweet piece, bedroom, hallway, eating area…







By the way, if you’re in Adelaide, South Australia and you like my art:

Visit my Pear Shaped exhibition at Mockingbird Lounge, 68 Broadway, Glenelg South; it’s on every day until the end of August, 10am – 4pm.

There are 2023 Bold Art Calendars available at the exhibition too, the Plenty (Food and Flowers) themed one somewhat-but-not-entirely matches the exhibition paintings, or available here from my website, or at my stockists.
Cards can be found here at my website, or at my other stockists or at the exhibition (and beyond at the same place).
Maybe there will be art lessons scheduled in Spring – keep your eye on my [Tangerine Juice] eNewsletter for info on that, or Contact Me and request to get an email when I send word to the current students.

There’s a good chance that when I have a minute to sit (or walk) and think and dream a bit, I’ll start another stupidly big art project. Hahahahaha :D Stay tuned!

Next time: there’s one more batch of 101 Pictures Project artworks to show you :)

Take care!
Speak soon,
Meg :)


PS Look, I got press for my SALA exhibition!


A handful of intriguing news

I hope you are making your way well – thriving fabulously even – through Winter. [Seriously, though: brrrrrrr…]  Or through Summer, northern hemisphere friends :)

As I mentioned to my [Tangerine Juice] eNews readers, I’m hardly on social media at the moment. And loving it! [<<< read that in Agent 86’s voice] I seem to catch comparisonitis quite readily, which doesn’t add any goodness towards a mentally healthy day!

I’m continuing to create art (including cards, prints and calendars), blog (like this very article), exhibit my art, and create & send the eNewsletter [click this to subscribe]. The latter of which has the latest news and pictures (art and life) for subscriber peeps – who also get 10% off when the calendars come out. Which is soon! … More on that below, but here’s a first peep at the covers:

Ideas, possibly intriguing

  1. I seem to be struggling more getting through the cold of Winter … maybe I’m aware of this more as I’m getting older [aren’t we all? It’s called ‘life’!]? Are you too? May and June have been so cold & gray here (South Australia). With such a blatantly seasonal business – ie. calendars! – they’re frequently my lowest income months, too. Last year (after years of exhibitions, almost a decade of calendar making and even more decades of life) the penny dropped that this IS what happens in Winter. Keeping that in mind, trusting it will pick up and get warmer – as it has always before – seems to help. There will be less cloudiness, more warmth and longer daylight hours… the easier seasons will be here soon. I guess while it’s here, maybe take advantage of the short days and enjoy longer sleeps? [How wonderful is a good sleep, right? Ha, definitely getting older…]
  2. WIth the deliberate step back from doom scrolling, I’m spending more time reading books – including Stolen Focus by Johann Hari. Have you read it? So good. Hari posits that it’s not just that we are getting looser with where we direct our own attention and how we care for ourselves as real live humans (there’s ways we can do better with that too, ie. sleep more) but also that the profferers of social media and devices are deliberately interrupting us so they can make money. [It’s their business model. It’s called ‘surveillance capitalism’, sounds yuck, right? We may need to activate for regulation on that in the near future.] Covid and isolation – and politicians! – have revealed to us just how our world is set up – do we truly want to progress to the logical conclusion of that? [I’m going with ‘no’.] With that pointed out, and this terrific book, I’ve unplugged somewhat. (I’m still watching and streaming some free-to-air TV.) It’s so great to find more time to read books!
  3. Geneen Roth writes on Women Food and God … that seems to be her shtick/topic under many titles. I’ve heard about her writing for years it feels like, and perhaps I’d thought it might be too academic for me, but her work is accessible, on point and funny too… She talks around how we can live good lives and respect the Universe’s beautiful makings (including ourselves) when we attend kindly to our bodies. Not to be obliged to serve old mental messaging or current cultural expectations (or what we think are expectations, though in reality maybe everyone is too busy with their own stuff to put anything on us!). Just to care for ourselves like we would someone we cared about… that’s intriguing to me. And obvious. And, why don’t we do that?
  4. My paintings are back from the framer, ready for my SALA (South Australian Living Artists) exhibition 2022. They will be hung at the venue in early August, and the launch is on Friday the 5th. Dates and other details are at the exhibition webpage: Pear Shaped. And other glimpses from a lock down studio.







Links, maybe of intrigue

Instead of throwing the odd link up on the socials, I’ve collected them to share with you here. Perhaps they will intrigue you as they did me:

  1. Independent MP Zali Steggall on how Australian Parliament has been and how it needs to change.
  2. One minute art history. What it says, as a video.
  3. Food for People progress. I have tears in my eyes…
  4. Underserved communities get funds from polluters payments in the US. Interesting and fair idea and it seems to be working.
  5. Famous artists solving homelessness issues in Germany
  6. Why an indigenous voice to Parliament?
  7. If you only listen to one, make it this one. (I think that’s how it was recommended to me. I kept the link tab open and finally listened. Worth it.) Beautiful, hopeful. 

What are you reading (or listening to) at the moment?

Pre PS:

The next round of calendars are almost here! Click this to read more and pre-order yours!
As always, for a 10% off code on calendars, sign up for my eNewsletter, [Tangerine Juice] which wings its way from the heart of my studio direct to your inbox most months!

I’d better click Publish quickly, before there’s a whole new crop of fascinating listening to recommend!

Speak soon,
Meg :)

Aussie election – vote tomorrow!

Hi Aussie bold souls!

Tomorrow’s federal election seems an important one, but I didn’t exactly know how and where to get good information. You too? … Here are a few sources of info:

Here are some places to garner information:

  1. Aussie journalist Sarah Wilson has done the current series of her podcast on This Wild Election << click through and scroll down to find the latest, or find her work wherever you get your podcasts. I’m listening in reverse order and the episodes are covering “Voting for climate”, “Voting for a First Nations Voice”, “What’s a Hung Parliament?”, “Who has the best policies for women”, and how to actually vote including how our system works, and more… Every vote counts at full value on the house of reps due to preferential voting. If you remember differently from earlier in life, that process got changed in 2017. We control our own preferences, at the federal level.
  2. How to vote for Climate at Climate 200 website. Including a page where you can easily find your your local independent climate action candidate.
  3. And, how to actually vote by The Juice Media. It’s do-able. [Hint: Don’t vote for the shit ones!]
  4. Osher Günsberg has done a great job interviewing independent MP candidates, too.

I thank them all for their work and sharing. If you hadn’t researched yet, I hope this helps find information to help you choose who you want to represent you based on your values. Every single one of our votes are important.

Next time I’ll be back with the next round of #100PicturesProject catch up… we’ll probably know by then [depending on how long any needed counting of preferences goes on for and how long I take to put up my next blog post!] who’s in the next Australian federal lower house Government and half the Senate.

Meanwhile, I’m early-bird-introducing my 2022 exhibition artworks to my mailing list peeps [join here] and you can get cards here.

Take care,
Meg of the Tangerine x o

Pictures 86 – 90 of my 100 Pictures Project

Hello, delightful one! Welcome to the next instalment of my #100PicturesProject… We’re up to number 90 today… So.nearly.there…!

87 – Frida and Green

Continuing with the Let’s Set Creative Challenges for Ourselves process with myself and Julie Frahm (and our FLOW(ER) exhibition in 2021 at T’Arts Collective Gallery) … we couldn’t resist incorporating Frida inspiration with flowers and things glorious that are Mexico-inspired.

This was my second attempt at a ‘Frida Cat’ … Do you think it ‘reads’ as her? I was inspired by the iconic Vogue cover photo – do you know of it? [Click this to see the picture I mean, and read more about Kahlo’s self-aware branding/dressing on Vogue’s site.]



88 – Decorated Cat

This blue cat is focussing on her inner light, decorated with embroidery-like designs and jewellery inspired motifs.

Last year, for our exhibition, my friend Julie Frahm created on the same themes, including wonderful glass bead birds and flower earrings for the Frida challenge.

This picture has been popular as a card and a print. Which bold soul wants the original to enhance their happy home?

89 – Gloria’s Patterns

Say the title aloud, can you also hear Glorious Patterns?

I adore this kitty’s striped tail, and their heart patch :)

The link to native flora (the third of our three exhibition challenges) is that the background is inspired by some cool red pods I found under a gum tree, arranged into a pattern.


90 – Sill Life with Gum

This is the only still life and non cat piece I did for the FLOW(ER) exhibition … it’s kinda friends with Collected: Still Life with Feathers (sold). The structure of the pic is from the gum branchlets, the fabric and border are rainbow, the feathers likely from a common magpie and a corella …







Want to take a piece of my 2021 Exhibition home?

If you like any of the FLOW(ER) pictures and want a card of the image, I had a bunch printed! [Eep, maybe too many…Click this to order a handful of cards – they’re cheaper if you order ten or more (code is on the page).

I’m inexorably updating the available artwork on my website too. Along with all the pictures you see here today there are a few little, framed works available right now on my Paintings and Lino Prints webpage. There’s a ton of artwork there – a vertiable online art shop! Go check ’em out (^^^ use that text link, or the SHOP drop-down menu at top)!

What else is happening?

  1. I was proud of myself for adulting: I changed the smoke alarm battery, and (unrelated to that) bought myself a new phone and a better suited phone plan. I’m an apple person, and got a new-to-me phone, within my budget, more up-to-date than I’d expected! Hoorah! … On day 4, I dropped it on its corner on a gravel path! Haha, pride before fall. Fortunately it had a screen cover on it that was damaged and protected the shiny phone itself from damage. Moving forward, the shiny (surprisingly fast!) phone is now properly protected from all directions – and I’m being extra careful!
  2. I’m loving not being on social media much at all. I’m liking the more amiable rhythm of creating one or two blog posts and one eNewsletter a month. [Click this to sign up here, if you’d like to get the newsletters!] Because I’m not allowing socials to and time, I can think thoughts through more slowly, more carefully – more haphazardly even – and write/edit sentences for clarity and from-the-heart-ness. Not missing the doom scrolling and where-did-those-hours-go-I-need-the-loo/food/hydration, at all!
  3. Probably like all Australians I’m over the lies and nastiness leading up to the Federal election on May 21. [You too?] Did you know there’s no law that requires political ads not to be lies at the Federal level in Australia, right now? I’m not going to believe what parties say about each other. Frankly, I just want to hear their policies & get a sense of leadership intentions, not pay for smear campaigns paid for with our/my hard-earned taxes. [End of rant.]
  4. August – and with it SALA and my Pear Shaped exhibition – is/are moving inexorably closer… hop on my mailing list to be front row at the sneak peek reveals, and thus get first dibs when the one-you-didn’t-know-you-wanted shows up!

What’s happening with you?

Are you learning some good life stuff? What are you enjoying watching and reading?

Have a lovely week, see you soon!
Meg x o



PS Oops, Picture 86, Kandinsky’s Dream is in my previous blog post. I’m not going to retrace my steps and change that blog title now, because there are links to it and things would quickly get confusing. [Click this to see my Paintings and Lino Prints page where Kandinsky’s Dream is now available.]