About the Tangerine Treasury secret download library

Are you optimistically browsing the web in search of vibrant nourishment for your eyes and heart?

Have you been wishing the internet would reveal a little colourful, soul-singing artwork that aligns with your own best self, to affirm your own unique wonderfulness and sanity?

[… And are you at all keen on kitties?]

Welcome, kindred spirit! I’m so happy you’re here. This page is about my art gifts for happy bold *you*, and they’re downloadable in the fabulous Tangerine Treasury secret download library…

watercolour blue and green background with type saying “Tangerine Treasury Secret Download Library“ with image of the contents: “All Welcome Here” poster and colouring page, “How Do I Frame my Lino Print?” leaftlet cover, and “Love Light Peace” phone screen.


Tangerine Treasury aka. Gifts For You

What’s in the Tangerine Treasury secret download library?

  • The latest: *All Welcome Here* rainbow poster and colouring page
  • my new art collectors’ guide to having artworks on paper framed: “How Do I Frame my Lino Print?”
  • *Love Light Peace* phone screen
  • Bookmarks (not shown above) –  the bright magic cat, blooming flowers and #IAmEnough affirmation bookmarks give happy vibes to snuggle down to sleep with, while they loyally mind your place in your book…


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“I absolutely love all of the color and joy in your emails. When I see a new one, I don’t know whether to open it first (Eat dessert first) or leave it for last (Save the best for last). Either way, it’s been a long time since I’ve so enjoyed venturing into a new area.” ~ Barb

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Love Meg x o

Green and blue watercolour makes a background for hand writing style lettering, that says "Tangerine Treasury secret library"