Happy To Be Here Project 2016

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Later: The project deadline has come and gone, and I’ve collected the offerings from bold souls worldwide into this video! Read more below – I’ll keep the rest of this page here a bit longer in case you want to catch up with how it came to be.

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2016: I’m having my first solo exhibition in over 20 years! Super excited! And busy.

The venue, the Old Police Station at Goolwa, South Australia, has an Installation Room.  How exciting – what potential! What to do, what to do…

Half of my Facebook peeps and newsletter subscribers are sprinkled in non-South-Australian corners of this beautiful planet. Many bold souls are unlikely to be able to make it to the launch or the exhibition. Soooo, I’m doing a project with photos from kindred spirits from anywhere!

I’ll make the photos into a slide show or movie to be screened in the aforementioned Installation Room (swoon). So anyone who would like to can get involved. I’m calling it the Happy to be Here Project.


How to join in with the Happy to be Here Project – NOW CLOSED

  1. Take a picture of you/where you are. For a few ideas, see “What photo would I take?” below.
  2. Email it to me (if you’re on my mailing list you can simply reply to one of the eNews emails I’ve sent you with the jpeg attached)
    Post to facebook – on my art page is easiest – or instagram
  3. Tag it with #HappyToBeHereProject *and* also tag me @tangerinemeg so I can find it! * If you do this tagging combo you’re agreeing for your picture to be included in the Happy to be Here Project
  4. Include your first name and city/locale for the caption, too!
  5. One picture per person
  6. Upload your entry by July 15th, 2016. Entries now closed. Unless you’re actually my mum or something.

What photo would I take?

Like in the example above of my toes on a beach, you can photograph your feet. I love this Vivienne McMaster post about taking self portraits of your feet. You can be wearing shoes or not.

Otherwise, your hands. Or what you see where you are.
You might include: graffiti, a rug, a hospital blanket, a garden, a beach, a cat, your own lettering or artwork … wherever you are will be interesting because everyone’s will be different!

You can write in the sand or with chalk on the street or whatever you can think of (I know you won’t damage other people’s stuff!) Or download and print out the bookmarks below & include one in the photo.


Bookmarks for the Happy to be here Project!

Later: You an still have the bookmarks if you like!

I made you these bookmarks if you’d like to include them in your picture! Click the image below and download yours to print out. Cut along the grey ‘cut lines’ and voila you have 4 bookmarks. Colour in if you like. Go ahead and print them out to include one in your photo! You can of course use them as a bookmark or a gift later, and share them and this project with friends!

4 bookmarks illustrated with "Happy to Be Here" hand-lettered, ready to print out and colour in

How will this be put together?

I’ll collate the photos into a slide show/video to screen in the Installation Room of the Gallery at the launch and during my exhibition. The other 3 rooms will be lined with my art, and the installation room will be a little cinema/chill out room with a few chairs – introverts can have a breather while they watch the slide show!

After the exhibition, it might be fun to put the slide show/video up on YouTube. While the exhibition is on, it will run on a loop – this is all presuming I get more than about 20 pictures and it isn’t too short! (Later: yey, more than 20!)

Dip pen and ink drawing bookmark artwork in process


Exhibition | Facebook |  Mailing List

Click here for more details about my Happy to be Here Exhibition. The Non Installation rooms (there are 3) will be lined with my lino prints and watercolour paintings. There will also be 2017 bold art calendars, and selected cards.

Click “Interested” or “Going” on the Facebook event page if you like to be reminded about events that way.

You can join my mailing list for behind the scenes juice leading up to the exhibition. If you include your postal address I’ll totally send you an invitation to the launch!

I hope you join in :) Thanks in advance!
Love Meg x o


PS Click this to check out the story so far

PS2 Here’s a second progress report :)

PS3 And the third and final progress report. Next I’ll make them into a slide show while my exhibition art is at the framers during August :)