Vision Board Collage Sessions

January 2021

Book in now for my January 2021 Vision Board collage session … simply click the green View Product button below!

Note: there’s a Sunflower Drawing session in December! Simply click the green View Product button at the bottom of this page to learn more…

The end of one calendar year. The beginning of another.

December-January can be a time to pause, get still, and think/feel backwards (recapping the outgoing year) then forwards. What are our intentions (with the things we can control)? What is our work likely to be?

Schedule in a few hours now to build yourself support for the whole year… make a date to intuit, choose and collage in company with a small group of like-hearted souls. When the year gets busy and messy, you’ll have a personalised, collaged lighthouse to guide yourself back to your own clarity …

Word of the Year. Other kinds of words. Or not.

Do you have a Word of the Year practise?

Maybe you have a life arc word that keeps you company … a guiding word that lights up all you do, that’s meaningful to you
If you’re reading this, you’re probably already doing the work… journalling to wrap up 2020, pondering where you’re headed for next year, trying on some words to see how they feel…

Or: You don’t have to have a word! Some years I do, some I don’t. Only you know what works for you this year …

In these sessions we won’t be doing meditations to pick your word. If you’ve not picked it before or during these sessions, you can make space on your board to add it in later, when it makes itself known.

About the sessions

You make the time. I’ll create and hold the space, for you to

  • Intuit through lots of imagery and words – see what speaks to you, start to layout your board …
  • cut and paste – and make a little mess!
  • And bring your inner voice into visual being as a collage :)

You will leave with your 2021 vision board in hand, well and truly started. If it’s not finished at the end of the second session, I’ll lend you some glue to finish it at home!

When and where?

January 12, from 11am – 1pm

At: Fleurieu Arthouse, Hardys Tintara Winery, 202 Main Road, McLaren Vale, South Australia, 5171

Your vision board will be SO YOU, you’ll likely return to it all year. On the other hand, if you don’t even look at it again until say October, the very act of choosing and arranging and pasting will be with you quietly in the background. You’ll be surprised how much…

Sound like a good fit for you?

Book in by the end of December to save $10! Session price reverts to $55 on January 1st.

Why Tangerine Meg? Meg is a practising artist & illustrator, graphic designer and teacher, with 10 years lay-experience creating vision boards … she’ll create and hold space for you to bring your vision board to life, mama bear guarding your sacred time for playfulness, creativity, soul planning…