“Tree people” grows into life

Hi Kristina and (possibly) 45 others!

Here is the final print of “Tree People” (it’s still sans colour, that’s for the next episode friendly readers):


“Tree people” final print

Now the tree-woman has a (hopefully a bit more elegant) bent arm, her hand the landing place for the dove; and the tree-man has a slightly tennis-muscled-looking forearm, on account of a bit of a slip with the cutting tools in the warm weather, or it could have been the tracing process got rushed the second time. Maybe a lesson not to over-work things but to complete them and move on. I think he can have a painted tree tattoo on his big forearm! I will add that in the next stage which will be the colour! Fun! Painting!

Thought I would do a couple extra pages too, showing other series of prints. Maybe a cat print page and a Happy people print page as well as this one on process.

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