Happy 28th of January to all!

(Today is a public holiday in Australia for “Australia Day”)

You may note I have added an email feed, and a new blogroll category to this blog. I have just discovered more exciting printmaking sites, so I thought I would share them with you.

Have been looking and pondering other things on the interweb too:
Not sure whether to continue to build my own site (for sales) or to join Etsy, or can one do both? I will join Etsy as a buyer initially, I think. For those unfamiliar with Etsy it is a site for sales of handmade things and has millions of hits daily. I have discovered lots of beautiful things there today, from all over the world.

Squidoo is also interesting. Perhaps a printmaking-resources-on-the-web lens?

I am carving a banner-shaped strip of lino for a banner for my website. I decided it makes sense to have a lino print banner for a lino print site! It was really fun doing the backwards writing! Can’t wait to take a print.

My fabulous plum tree is like a living plum store outside the back door. The plums wait happily until we pick them. The season has lasted and lasted.

Thanks again for visiting!
Love Meg

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