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Greetings, Sweet Peas! Hope you are all thriving.

I have a link to a couple of sites for you today. Check out the lovely Breathing Earth, it is a real-time visual record of the earths human births, deaths and CO2 emissions. I found it surprisingly engaging and kind of relaxing to watch. I think it is in Flash, I am not certain how long it may take to download, as I had it download whilst I slept.

I got onto that site as I was pottering around following lots of green links, and found some great stuff. I will probably subscribe to the Aussie ones, cos it’s easier when the seasons match up, but it’s way heartening to read of people in all countries who are thinking along similar lines. Lots of Canadian environmental activity by the looks of it. I even downloaded a free permaculture ebook from David Holmgren’s site. He has other material available for purchase also.

Would you like a list of my latest plant aquisitions? Here it is anyway!

There have been 2 Batches:
I have already planted onions, tat soi (seed, and already germinated), broccoli, parsley, pansies and lettuces. I put the fruit tree netting over the vegie garden to keep the cats out. (They think it’s their “bathroom” otherwise!)
Awaiting planting are strawberries (will go under the peach tree), Male and Female Kiwi Fruit (they should have a chance to get established over autumn/winter/spring and thus hopefully be a bit robust by the time the hot summer arrives), thornless blackberry (I do love my thornless berries, even at the nursery the thorny ones were decidedly spikey to handle), and a marjoram plant.

The other thing I have done recently, which I don’t think I had mentioned is re-joined LETS (Local Exchange Trading System), this is a kind of formalised barter system, which runs in parallel with the national economic system. I see it as a natural community building system, and an alternative trading option as inflation becomes a bitey reality of our times. It’s fun too, to go to the markets.

You may gather from all of the above that I am renewed in my urgency and commitment to living a little more greenly. I have been thinking, even if global warming is not an exactly accurate scientific happening, we are still “messing up” our own nest.
The things we need to do which would slow (halt?) global warming will still make the earth a nicer cleaner home.

Hope I haven’t been TOO lefty for you today, it’s just the mood I’m in.
Tons of great stuff to you all,

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