Friday Greetings

Hello Dear Readers,

I hope you have had an interesting and happy week.

I have been off-line and off-computer for a few days with false alarm technical problems (the technicians couldn’t duplicate the problem (embarassing!)). The good part is that all is well now. The more challenging part is that I will have to wait to buy more supplies for printmaking.

Have finished making the artwork panel for the LiveTown signboard, and am dying to take a pic for you. Will borrow a (digital) camera over the weekend. The event is not far away so excitement and plans are in the air.

Those of you in America may be interested to know that etown will be doing some live taping (of their show and including a ThinkTank) from the Rothbury music festival. The site looks great, check it out.

Hope you are well.
Cheers, Meg

PS Hope you noticed (and like) my new banner artwork. I still have small adjustments to make.
Also today I have simplified my site (tangerine epiphany dot com) in content and look.

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