Stilt walking like a baby

Hello Bloggy Beauties!

I felt like a young foal or a small child might today: The joy of being able to walk around unaided! I was learning to balance and perambulate on stilts. It was SO FUN! At first I had forgotten from last week how to move (knees up and keep moving!) but then I could again, and soon I could without holding anyone or anything! I had arrived at class a bit rattled from a few things that happened today (I will spare you the minutae of that) but by the end of class I was stilt walking with head held high. I guess I was so young when I learned to walk that I don’t consciously remember that joy, so it was kind of nice to experience that excitement as an adult.

Encouragingly, after a week of over-indulgence in chocolate, someone healthy said to me “…there’s no such thing as too much chocolate” which lessened my guilt a bit! My re-vamped plan is to eat healthily and balanced and include good quality chocolate (dark). I am starting to suspect that the guilt/self-beration weighs heavier and does more damage than chocky.

Last night we had a trial run of the projector-generator-trike set-up for the Moving Image walks in SALA. It looks like it’s all going to work very well.

Take care of you. Fly your freak flag.

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