3 ways to be a better person by being like my cat

Hi DearHearts!

Hope you are having a good week.

Hand coloured lino print of black and white cat in a garden

This morning on my walk I was thinking about our georgeous cat Magpie. She had at least three lovely qualities that I feel I would like to aspire to:

1 Loving. She was understanding too, somehow.

2 Nimble. The lightness of a cat’s leap. Almost flight.

3 Smart. She could open an unlatched door. Other cats I have known haven’t figured out how to get their paw around the edge of the door. (Another of our much loved cats hasn’t even figured out which side the door opens, and is frequently seen gazing in anticipation at the hinge side!) Also see Loving, Understanding above.

In circus training mini-news: I am a little closer to a free-standing hand-stand, and a little closer to a cartwheel. I seem to be getting worse and worse on the stilts, however! (Perhaps it is just exhaustion).

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