Turn up the volume

Greetings you Wonders!

I found a few interesting blogs yesterday, while wasting time pottering around on the intertron.

I liked Fortyfied‘s concept of NWTC (Not Worth the Calories! That’s about quality and choice). (See my Other Blog on this if you like, I have tizzied it up to look nice since I last wrote). I will put my Other Blog into the blogroll here, then not mention it too much, as the point is to get THAT theme of thoughts out of THIS blog! (now a private blog)
Notice I learned to use that strike-through tool. Very pleased with myself.

Little Miss Matched’s blog has a new interview with Stacy Julian, who brought this lovely quote to my attention:
Once you figure out who you are, turn up the volume!
-Michael Bungay Stanier

I like that as a good idea to finish with.

Sweet Day, or (for North Hemisphere) Sweet Dreams!

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