2008 – what a good number

Hello fellow breathers of air!

This site has had 2008 hits as of right now. Thanks heaps for visiting and reading this.

I have been eating a lot of pistachio nuts lately, Mmm! I decided that binning (to landfill) wasn’t the way to go with all the shells so have been collecting them in an old container. But I still wasn’t sure whether to put them in the bokashi compost or what. I have decided to utilize them as mulch (there are a lot of them), and I have arranged the first batch around my baby mandarin tree trunks.

In other pistachio news I have been reading (I think I mentioned) “Animal, vegetable, miracle” by Barbara Kingsolver (I got it from amazon.com, you can too) which is a year of local food growing and choices etc in the Appalachia region of America. I have been thinking about how to make local choices for food where I live. Last Sunday at the Farmers Market I found a local source of pistachios. They are quite lovely and less travelled!

2008 is also a good number because it also matches the year number – fancy that! The year is coming to a close rapidly. I hope it has been a good one for you.

See you soon,
Be excellent to each other,

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