New and *new*

Hello Lovelies!

This post will be a brief one today – but with pictures! – as I am getting Christmas items ready for shopping both on the net, and live and bold in Adelaide! I am excited to let you know about some new things I am making…

Firstly, for online shopping: New Peace Dove t-shirt design at RedBubble. The tshirt is available in quite a few different, nice colours and is suitable for young and old, boys and girls!


I have another new product, too. It’s neither rocket science, nor an invention, but it is Very Handy.


Yes, my dears, Gift Tags! I am all a-flutter about these little taggies!

I am bagging them up in good old-fashioned dozens. That’s right, youngsters, 12 to a pack, for $5 Australian (+ $8 postage, free postage for orders over $45). The tags aren’t yet available at my Art Card shop online, but you can email me with how many packets you want and I can bill you by email with Paypal easily.

Looking forward to the next Live Bold List – with a watering can theme – how about that?

Take care, bold beauties,