Blue metal watering can

Hope this finds you well Dearhearts,


This is my new blue metal watering can. I adore it! Doesn’t it look wonderful there with little droplets on the shiny blueness and silverness?

I was going to write a long and philosophical post. Something about Blue + Metal + Watering + Can = Deep and meaningful. But I have decided that simplicity will be better this time. So let’s just admire the shiny new watering can for what it is. Fun to gently sprinkle the garden with the ‘grey water’. Don’t it make my grey water blue?

By the way, I have a little sponsor-box on Goddess Guidebook this month. Go see if you like!

Take care,


Blue metal watering can — 10 Comments

  1. Welcome dear Goddess sisters! Thanks so much for coming to visit me and see my art.

    Goddess Leonie: I love how such a simple item can give a sense of gently nurturing a little piece of the earth. Thanks for including me in your lovely Goddess giveaways!

    Lana: Nice to meet you, thanks for coming :)

    Yvette: I’m honoured, thank you. I just had a look at your blog. I love that you are a lactavist, and have subscribed to your writings also.

    Jane T: Thanks for coming, glad you like them!

    Tory: I thought the peace dove design might make a nice Christmas tshirt. I am planning to order one too!

    Goddess Liz: Thanks for finding me! I am happy you like my work.

    Desba: Thanks for liking my stuff. I am glad you came :)

    Jackie: Your blog looks interesting too – I have subscribed. Thanks for your kind words.

  2. I’m a goddess just popping by from Goddess Leonie’s site…. I love the new peace dove t-shirt! It’s beautiful – I think I need one for myself!

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