Live Bold List 7: Meg’s Favorite YouTube videos

Dear Ones, boldly living, boldly loving, boldly playing, happily unique in your boldness,

I have a swathe of Live Bold Lists to finish off the year! Some are internet-based like this one, and others are more personal. This has new, old and ancient videos! I wont embed them, cos then you can click on the link if you want and this blog post wont take up all your sweet, sweet bandwidth!

Live Bold List 7: Meg’s Favorite YouTube videos

  1. Michael Franti – Say Hey. From the first notes this makes me want to dance. Or when I’m out running I get a renewed spring in my step.
  2. Validation. I wrote about Validation back in January. Put aside 16 minutes and go watch it. It always makes me get a smile on my face! Enjoy :)
  3. Her morning elegance. This stop motion film is fully delightful. (Sorry there seem to be quite a few advertisements along the bottom edge).
  4. Monty Python: Four Yorkshiremen. I remembered watching this in my distant past, and thought I would never see it again, and imagined that maybe it wouldn’t be as funny as I had remembered. Hooray! Re-watched this year and that’s not the case. Some kind of bizarre poignancy is added by the fact that I now have children.

I wonder if the same videos will be my favourites at the end of 2010? I wonder what fabulous things humans will create over the coming year!

Hope you have enjoyed our Goddess giveaway fun! It’s always inspiring and nurturing going over to visit Goddess Leonie’s blog. Soon the winner will be drawn and announced. A lucky Goddess will win the wonderful Radiant Goddess course in January, and there is a photographic art print from Katrina Dreamer and the Bold-Goddess-Angel-Christmas card pack from Yours Truly! I have it ready here all packed up ready to mail! Can’t wait. And so glad to have made some lovely new friends.

Tons of love,

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