Christmas Market de-brief

Hello beautiful ones!


I thought you might like to see some photos of my Christmas market stalls?

This first one was taken in my backyard when I was testing out the sign I made, strung up under the market umbrella. I kind of like the David Hockney style photo collage :) I wasn’t sure whether to attach that link there as the ball park he is in is on a whole otherĀ  continent to me (with my 3 overlaid photos woohoo) but I thought you might find the link/idea interesting anyways.

A massive thank you goes to: my generous helpers, my lovely customers from the olden days (a past life it feels) with whom I am delighted to have reconnected, old gorgeous friends, new gorgeous friends and new gorgeous customers/friends, as well as other wonderful friends and dear family who supported me to be able to make this happen.

I don’t have any photos from the Goodwood Christmas Market. It absolutely bucketed with rain for the first hour or two, and in my efforts to adapt and carry on, my intentions to record it with the camera were completely thrown. I got some cool jewellery from another stall holder, Diva Jools, in the afternoon, when the sun shone once more :)

This is our stall at the Art at the Hart market, the following weekend. We were Number 17. On the left you can see a slice of the calm flowing backdrop to it all, the Port River.

This was a view down the boulevard, sunny, relaxed, shaded by big trees:

Note the kilted gentleman on the left. There was a concurrent Celtic Festival! On Saturday morning we had (bag)pipers to herald in the day, and on the Sunday a lone piper and a whole lot of Celtic hounds – very well behaved, I might add.

This is me and my mum at the stall, in a lull between throngs of contented art lovers. My husband is taking the photograph :)

If you get my Friends of Tangerine Meg Early Bird emails, those 2 pictures at the right of that photo are the new ones I showed you in the last email, in frames, Floraline and Nasturtiums in Jam Jar! I will post a full introduction to those very soon.

I sold out of all the calendars I had in stock (one of which I am holding in the above picture). …You can still get them online (and please do if you like my art – they are beautifully made)! When ordering you can make them start from whatever month you like; say if you have a friend with a February birthday, you could order the calendar to start in February 2011, as a special personalisation for them. Cat People Please Note: Sometime in the next few months I hereby reveal I am going to make a CATS ONLY calendar. Send me an email if you would like a ‘heads up’ when that’s available.

There is a LOT of information and Christmas overload around at the moment. Everywhere. Decorations and demands and expectations and fizzled hopes. With my boys now independent young men, I am largely trying to ignore the Christmassy fuss and keep going with several projects that are finishing shortly. Not sure if I’m doing too well keeping my cool, right this moment. I just bought Fabeku’s Don’t Lose Your Sh*t Kit, which is affordable, helpful and resonatey. (Even if you don’t want it, the Explanation page will make you smile).

Twinkly lights (no point throwing out the baby with the bathwater, right?) and squishy hugs,
Love Meg x o

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