Remembering Stripey Cat

(On Sunday) Stripey Cat went into a neighbours’ garden and died suddenly while I was out at the Farmers Market

grey fluffy cat lying on a stripey rug

Tangerine Man (my husband) bought a crowbar [to dig a respectfully deep hole, the earth is very clay-ey here]

Son and I cried via Skype

Tangerine friend gave words

Words for Stripey Cat
May the mice be slow
May the birds be sluggish, and
May the catnip always be fresh
– Friend J

Tangerine Dad said sorry

Orange Cat lay across Stripey Cat for about half an hour [I’d forgotten this old photo of them together, this didn’t happen very often]

I made a crazy lot of food, and a drawing

Photos were taken, found, shared

Tangerine Man made a nice big hole

Buried Stripey Cat in a blue towel, with some dogs’ bane and a nasturtium leaf with a heart-shaped hole

I hope we loved you enough, Stripey Cat

I trust you felt my hearts fondness in those hours of Keyboard Cuddles

I’m feeling a bit vulnerable. Not really sure whether it’s too public to post such a thing. I trust you are human, too, and maybe you know what it’s like to have to bury a sweet pet. I’m getting a bit more familiar with being human, feeling; feels bold to be sharing this. Thanks for ‘listening’.
Love Meg x o


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  3. Poor Stripey Cat, and poor you. I’ve buried two cats this year, one my own dear boy of 16 years and one a dear friend’s cat.

    Always heartbreaking. But it’s bold, don’t you think, to have little furry friends, knowing their lives are shorter than ours, and we can share some love on the way through our respective life paths.

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  7. Oh Meg, my condolences! It is so hard to lose a beloved pet, this I know. The joy they bring us is so special, but the end so painful. Hang in there!

    • Thank you, Candy <3
      It was odd today arriving home from work and the little spot in the front window where he would sometimes wait was empty.
      We'll get there…

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