Remembering Stripey Cat

(On Sunday) Stripey Cat went into a neighbours’ garden and died suddenly while I was out at the Farmers Market

grey fluffy cat lying on a stripey rug

Tangerine Man (my husband) bought a crowbar [to dig a respectfully deep hole, the earth is very clay-ey here]

Son and I cried via Skype

Tangerine friend gave words

Words for Stripey Cat
May the mice be slow
May the birds be sluggish, and
May the catnip always be fresh
– Friend J

Tangerine Dad said sorry

Orange Cat lay across Stripey Cat for about half an hour [I’d forgotten this old photo of them together, this didn’t happen very often]

I made a crazy lot of food, and a drawing

Photos were taken, found, shared

Tangerine Man made a nice big hole

Buried Stripey Cat in a blue towel, with some dogs’ bane and a nasturtium leaf with a heart-shaped hole

I hope we loved you enough, Stripey Cat

I trust you felt my hearts fondness in those hours of Keyboard Cuddles

I’m feeling a bit vulnerable. Not really sure whether it’s too public to post such a thing. I trust you are human, too, and maybe you know what it’s like to have to bury a sweet pet. I’m getting a bit more familiar with being human, feeling; feels bold to be sharing this. Thanks for ‘listening’.
Love Meg x o