Sleeves and zips, magnets and OffCuts

Hello darling petal :)

Hoping this finds you shiningly well, and basking in sunshine and gratitude :) I’ve been away at a Words of Peace conference listening to Prem Rawat this past week, and have a full cup. Check out Mitch Ditkoff’s blog, he’s got a bunch of sweet takeaways from it :)

Art on Clothes

Red Bubble (the Print on Demand company I use for tshirts and calendars) are full of surprises! One ‘minute’ they’re adding 3/4 sleeve tshirts (my favourite sleeve length)…

… the next they’re introducing zip hoodies! You might have seen my post on Facebook. I was (am) most excited and posted there as soon as I found out!

Besides that green, they have a selection of neutrals! Now all we need are a few more colours! Heh heh – I guess we can add a rainbow of colour with the pictures we choose to get printed on them!

Magnets, 1

Thought you might like this idea, Bold Soul… Here’s a photo of my cat poem magnet boards. They’re on our long, narrow Shelves of Framed Ephemera.

I was given a pack of these great magnets with an assortment of cat words on them; acquired a couple of small blue ‘white’ boards – setting up one with the word pool and leaving one for poetry assemblage. If you’re hovering around the kitchen talking to someone and there’s a natural pause while they fish out a saucepan, you can turn around and build a poem.┬áThe company, Magnetic Poetry, have packs of magnetic words with very specific themes. There are *so* many intriguing themes that I’ll let you go check them out rather than continue with my original plan of listing my favourites – the list got too long!

Magnets, 2

And more magnetty goodness:

I’m all about attraction today! Haha! Check out my new gorgeous little magnets with close ups of sections of my artwork. You might see those in future orders as a little thank you, or if you come visit me at a market – take note, South Aussies: coming soon to Mitcham!

Off Cuts and One Offs

Have you had a look at my Off Cuts and One Offs page? My new sweet thing. Let me know what you think :)
Another new sweet thing is coming very soon. It’s giggling silently in the wings nervously waiting for the final touches to be in place.
The sweet thing after that, well that’s a twinkle in my eye, taking shape day by day :D

If you want work in progress exclusives (or at least early bird sneak peeks), join the mailing list for [Tangerine Juice], my eNewsletter! I do a fun birthday email, too, so be sure and enter your birthdate when you sign up :)
South Aussies: I’ll give you heaps more information about the local markets in a special extra eNews (will be posted in the next few days).

Have great week, dearheart :)
Love Meg x o

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