What Bold Souls Say Wednesday #3

 I don’t buy art often. Not because I don’t know that art improves your life – it does! – but because most art I find is… how can I say it… pastel. And I hate pastel. Detest pastel. Pastels make me feel boring and wishy-washy. I’m a bold soul! I want bold art!

Meg’s art is the antithesis of pastel. And that’s why I bought it.

Down with the pastel! Hooray for bold art!

Catherine Caine
Cash and Joy

(Later: Just in case I wasn’t clear… it’s art by me, Bold Soul comment from Catherine.)

3 thoughts on “What Bold Souls Say Wednesday #3”

  1. Hi Tammy! Sorry if I wasn’t clear… It *is* one of my pieces (the print that Catherine chose)!
    I get so much from seeing your art and reading your posts… the inspiration is mutual! :)
    Love Meg x o

  2. wow -= I thought that was one of your pieces! Here’s to bold beautiful art! I’m not much for pastels either which is why I’m so drawn to your work!

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