Small stone for January 8 2013

Sounds of night:
ticking of plastic alarm clock,
distant whooshing & vrooming of traffic,
loose fly screen making small clicks,
faint crunch of curtains in night breeze,
neighbours wheel out rattly bins;
Ringing in my ears – need to sleep now.


light bamboo-basket

[I like that the capture of the wonderful stripey light and reflections on the blue plastic laundry basket were one of the first things I saw in the morning, and the Sounds of Night small stone is about the last things I heard in the evening of the same day. They belong together due to day and location, yet they kind of don’t.]

[I’m doing my best to do small stones writing this month, and simultaneously Melissa’s Creative Ignition Kit. My photography is enhanced by Vivienne McMaster’s photography courses (aff link) – check out her Feburary Be Your Own Beloved offering.]

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