The Good, the Heartwarming and the Ugly

Hello dear and bright spirit!
I hope this finds you in both comfort and joy!
I have cleared some space and done some painting on my next print, so am feeling content with my day :)

The Good

We had pretty much all weathers in one day at the Mitcham Market this past Sunday; hence I’ve included the Crowded House song: Four Seasons in One Day! ^^^ I like this clever, surreal video – my favourite part is when one of the band members faces gets painted magically, surreally, green-screenily into another on the easel.
(The market was good fun!)

I am loving the YNAB aka. You Need a Budget budgeting tool. Though I feel as though am using it quite badly, it’s still working much better than what we were doing before! Buffers are slowly growing, the money is lasting closer and closer to the whole month! If you want to give it a try (it’s $60 but) on sale for $40 right now, and you can have a 34 day free trial first to decide if you like it. This is not an affiliate plug, I just like it! I’m even going to a class on Thursday evening, to understand how to use it as best I can.

It’s no secret that I adore the radio show e-town; I listen via podcast. The episode I am listening to right now has Judy Collins on it – she has a beautiful voice, is an activist with great grace – and funny! Listen to the interview section when she wins a lifetime e-chievement award, and when she tells the story of hearing Tangerine Tamborine Man get written! Did you know Judy was the first to include whale song in her music? The other guest, Ari Hest (hey, that rhymes) once wrote and uploaded a song a week for a year! … that’s a good healthy body of work! Have a listen if you have time; you might become a fan, too!

The Heartwarming

The comment on this one of my picture posts made my heart swell. What lovely people to let me know, and how wonderful to connect around this little world of ours. You can follow James J Gormley on Twitter or see his public posts on Facebook.

I re-read Brene Brown’s book The Gifts of Imperfection. I’ve read it twice now and it simply makes me feel ‘good’. Have you read it? Do you feel more satisfied just being yourself? That’s a good state to spend your day in, yes? Even with a ToDo list that’s threatening to take *you* out and do the errands! I want to get the next book too :)
If you’ve not read it, the ideas I refer to below are: that shame thrives on secrecy, and that often we have particular things that trigger shame for us.

The Ugly

On Sunday I was that lady at the Supermarket.
Precursor/Excuses: Toilet paper seems to be getting less and less sheets per roll (here in Australia at least) and the type I like has double length, ie. 380 sheets. The plastic covering was split and 3 or 4 of the 12 rolls were slightly dusty from the warehouse shelves. It was the last pack.
Also: I didn’t have a fixed expected outcome, and we would’ve happily gone elsewhere if they didn’t want to sell it to us!
The story: I was the lady who finds the toilet paper in the torn packaging and asks for a discount. And got it. I walked out with my prize thinking “Yes, today I am she.”
#cheapskate #shametriggersanyone? #embarrassyourhusband  #shame can go take a pirouetty leap off it’s own plank

Let’s end on a positive note, shall we?

I finished this print, Still Life with Jorum! Woohoo! And it’s time to share:

Lino print of a colourful stack of crockery by Tangerine MegYou can find it here; For sale now… there are just 6 originals. Oh, by the way, a Jorum is an old-fashioned word for a Bowl. Bold Souls say: “Jorum … a receptacle for all things good”
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Oh, by the way, New Thing Coming Soon: Pet Portrait Network. Hoorah! So far we have a Facebook page – website soon. Will you come over and give us a pioneering Like before everyman and their dog is on there? Thanks, gorgeous!

What has been good, heartwarming and ugly in your life this week, SweetiePops?

Much love,
Meg x o

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