Birthday Bold Art Project

Helloooooo lovely!

I hope this finds you delighting, basking, knowing. I was off the computer earlier, transferring some files to avert a Start Up Disk Disaster… While off the computer I baked cookies, buried some bokashi compost, pulled some of the grass-seed-pocalypse Spring grass out of the garden beds and had time to read a bit of a magazine!

Here’s the Bits I Know about a Thing I’m Going To Try (Shush, Yoda!):


Birthday Bold Art Project

Next month (October) I’m turning 50. I want to do something to commemorate this birthday that’s do-able and also a challenge.

Here are 2 of the things I’ve learned about myself in the past 20 to 50 years:

  1. I can do all sorts of things – even big things – if I tackle them one step at a time
  2. I adooooooore colour, and experimenting with combinations thereof

How about a series of 50 paintings?


The doable part is they’ll be small. The challenge part will be completing 50 of them!

Mini watercolours.

Or very small lino prints.

Frame-able little moments.

Talismans, records of the feeling, intrigue or flight of fancy of the day.

Or musings upon 50. Maybe about getting more grey hair and crinkles, or the lessening of the inclination to keep quiet when something needs saying. That sort of thing.

To acknowledge changes or growth that have happened and perhaps visually setting some intentions for how I’d like to proceed. We’ll see.

Very likely little noticings and appreciations of the everyday.

And color. Colour. Color.

What this is not going to be: Daily. Having a set end date. Perfect. Rubbish (if it’s not looking too good at a point I’ll recognise, I’ll record with a photo, shred and start over.)

What it is going to be: A small marathon. A celebration of little things. A possible yet hard challenge. Happy, perhaps. Colourful for sure.

I’ll post phone photos as I go on my instagram. That way I don’t need to have a big scanning session to keep up. It’ll be more immediate. (I can scan later.)

I trust myself to make my effort (one of the benefits of getting older!) without a bunch of parameters that I already know I can’t work within. General Doing Things will also continue.

I think it’ll be nice to surround my birthday in art :)

We don’t want this post to be ridiculously slow to load, so I may break the 50 images up amongst 5 or 10 blog posts.

On Facebook today, I was asked: “What am I doing to do with these” (apart from complete a project)?
To which I answered: Not exactly sure! I’ve launched into it without knowing exactly what – if anything – it might turn into… maybe put them in little frames for Xmas markets + exhibitions? Or offer unframed online?

Leave me a comment if you have a constructive thought.

I hope you like the idea, Bold Soul. I’d love if you’d pass this on, if you know someone else who might like it, too.

Let’s see what happens!


Below is a phone self portrait from last Thursday (the day I found the black and white feather) because Tea (from Tea Silvestre’s 30 Days to Build your Online Relationships) suggested it’s good to sometimes post a less that optimum photo of yourself, kind of to show you are real. Here’s mine complete with mussy hair and un-thought-out background.


Gulp, posting the Project and the everyday selfie are somewhat challenging. That’s why it’s good to do, right?

If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. It’s the hard that makes it great.”

~ Tom Hank’s character In A League of Their Own

Talk soon,
Love Meg x o


PS See the first of the birthday pictures below :)

All paintings are original and signed, but I’m erasing or blurring the signature for the blog post.

Painting 1

1-50 Birthday 2014_315

The vibrancy of the new seasons blooms plus a wavy border. Haha, this also has a llama nasturtium!

Painting 2

2-50 Birthday_315_nosig

Found this ^^^ feather when out jogging and used it as a prompt. What angel would have lost a feather like that from their wing?

Painting 3


My thyroid medication container! I’m using a used one for an ink pot too, it’s bigger than an old film cannister, and stable.

Painting 4


Yellow Daisy Cat. Third time lucky! Spring offered an abundance of blooming inspiration, finally it ‘gelled’ as a picture on my third try.

Painting 5

orange and blue_315

Unfinished as of this photo and of this writing. Updated with photo now completed. I can see tThe colour combination I was going for has worked though.

See you soon. M x o




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  12. Hey Beth, So sorry to hear about Mary :( *Hugs* for your loss.
    The thyroid jar picture I almost didn’t share – maybe I thought it was too personal? So honoured you shared your story and we connected over that brown jar! Love Meg x o

  13. Your art so often makes me gasp with delight…today it brought tears to my eyes. The painting of your thyroid medication bottle looks just like the tiny jar of vitamins/minerals, etc. I gave faithfully to our dog Mary, one of several ways we treated her kidney failure. We called it her “Vitametavegemin” and she patiently endured my rendition of the famous I Love Lucy episode as she took this and other meds twice a day.

    We said goodbye to Mary on Thursday and this morning I put away her medications, including the little bottle that precipitated so much silliness.

    I wonder how many other moments of tender recognition will come from your 50 paintings.

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