Live Bold List 38: 14 Underrated acts of daily boldness

Hey dear bold soul!

Hope this finds you warm, well and in wonderment. And not waiting, warring or being welched upon! :P
I am feeling lucky and content… The cat come and purred – for what seemed ages – like miniature thunder beside my thyroid gland (in my neck). How does he know it’s always glad of a healing rumble?


Do you ever wonder if in your lifetime you’ll climb a massive pointy mountain? Or dig a dam in a developing country using just a small shell? Or walk across a desert with only desert cockroaches for company and then write a book about it? Or invent a toothbrush that self regenerates so we don’t have to put more plastic into the landfill but can still enjoy dental hygiene? Or something else that sounds impressive and would make a great documentary starring Sandra Bullock?

I do.

Today though, I’ve decided to run with the idea that small, bold, frequent actions really add up!

Live Bold List 38: 14 Underrated acts of daily boldness

  1. Recycling plastic. Minimise when possible. If you’ve already got a plastic item, when you’re done with it drop it in the recycling bin.
  2. Dealing with food scraps and composting them on your own property, rather than mixing them with the other rubbish and adding foulness to the landfill. It’s a logistics exercise sometimes, and teamwork often, but worth it!
  3. Sticking to your eating plan. I’m OC about it – for me it’s easier to completely do something than have to decide each time – so sticking to it is pretty easy once I’m set up. It still counts!
  4. Keeping up your daily movement self care by going out for a walk even in the rain, even in the sweltering heat, even when your head chatter has a bundle of almost convincing reasons why not. Put the right shoes on and go. Maybe start with a walk, break into a jog if you feel to once you’ve warmed up.
  5. Getting your child up kindly and ready for school, even when the baby has given you nights, days or months of broken sleep. You’re a hero.
  6. Growing your own food. The seasons come and go quite rhythmically and beautifully when there’s always something fruiting (or flowering or growing leaves or resting).
  7. Choosing real food even when the world seems to make it harder to come by than processed stuff in packages. If that’s the case see #6. You may also gain some glee from the quote: “One of the most radical and revolutionary things you can do is grow your own food and eat from the land.” ~ Bryant McGill
  8. Choosing to love yourself anyway. You see: pimples, crinkles, hair that won’t behave, crankiness or underachievement. Mirror sees: You. You. Beautiful, worthy You.
  9. Taking time to recharge yourself. This can be hard – the pets need attention and food, bills hover over your shoulder like leathery vulture bats, dust bunnies run riot chasing each other under All the Things. Hah, they’ll wait… take a break, reconnect with yourself! Often even a moment will do.
  10. Accepting kind and gentle action from the cat/dog/moose/ferret. See above.
  11. Making your own chocolate without sugar … how hardcore! Without sugar I’m rediscovering having ‘taste buds’ instead of ‘crave buds’. I even got hold of some edible grade lavender (at the Farmers Market, where else?) and have some shards of lavender dark chocolate burning a hole in my freezer (metaphorically).
  12. Keeping going with a long term project even (or especially) when it hits the inevitable rough patches. Keep going with the long term project. If it were quick or simple it would be called just ‘project’, and everyone would be doing it!
  13. Being kind. Be good to old, to young, from everywhere. Noticing the ‘hello’ we say to other humans while out and about, the moment we take to be with them… I’m here. You’re here. We have that in common.
  14. Examining your own stuff around money and anything else that’s keeping you stuck. This can be done with assistance, and also in baby steps. It doesn’t even matter if nothing changes outwardly – if you do the inner work, it’s like being a whole new person!


This pic ^^^ is in relation to the thyroid kindness mentioned above. I introduced this lino print here.

Help enrichen the list? Leave a comment with your repeated, minor-seeming, bold act that adds up over time. I’d love to hear!

Have a great rest-of-the-week,
Love Meg x o

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