Birthday Bold Art Project. Post 7: Pictures 31 to 35

Greetings kindred spirit!

I hope this finds you awash in laughter, bathed in light, and just the optimum amount of busy! I am planning picture number 36 (stay tuned!) and figuring out where the 3/4 sleeve tops are, for it’s truly Autumn here in Adelaide!


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Birthday Bold Art Project. Post 7: Pictures 31 to 35

I’m getting fond of this little-big project, as I and it make our way inexorably towards painting number 50. I didn’t imagine this would take so long when I started! Good celebration-stretching though, right? A six month long birthday!

It’s definitely reinforcing my favourite themes (cats, food, flowers, patterns) and it’s super fun adding feet and hands and #whatIneededtohear pictures in too.

Painting 31 – Little home grown pear on blue and white


We have a happy pear tree, which made this dear little pear. The fabric pattern is a shirt I was planning to give to the Salvos. Having looked at it so closely to make this painting though, I’m kinda falling back in love with it.

Painting 32 – Grey haired angel – sold

grey haired angel_315

The grey-haired angel in a night sky dress has a feline muse with a stripy tail, and a handful of colourful stars to sprinkle. Her wings are inspired by feathers on my desk that I’ve been collecting over the past couple of months! The ‘sun’ flowers are clearly the rare night-blooming moon marigolds.

I’ve been wanting to make a grey-haired angel picture for a while. So happy (that with this project) I gave myself a way to try out some of the things I’ve been musing upon. I’m sure this theme will be revisited!

Painting 33 – Trust what your sensitive heart knows


#whatineededtohear I think part of us knows what we need to hear. ‘Specially if we can pause for just a moment in a busy or unpleasant day, and just …. yeah… pause. Ask our inner higher selves what we need to hear today. We know. Part of us does.


Painting 34 – Shine Your Light – Dance, delight and twirl in it – sold


This is one of the #whatineededtohear series within a series! What a rotten day I was having! What did I need to hear? “Shine your light – dance, delight and twirl in it”. Thank you art for also being therapy! So happy that #whatineededtohear is also resonating with what others need to hear!

Painting 35 – Henna Hand

henna hand_315

My first hand drawing (close up) that doesn’t completely suck. I tried doing the pear picture with it held in my hand but that didn’t work out! Haha, there’s a growing pile of Yes-that’s-the-right-idea-but-that-isn’t-working-try-again pieces!

Are these available to purchase?

These are for sale if you’re interested. $50 + postage. They’re all signed (I blur the signature for the blog posts), one of a kind watercolours. Folk on instagram and facebook are snapping them up, so realise there is just the one of each! To buy, either scroll down on this page or click this link if the details aren’t displaying. Then simply use the drop down menu to select the number of the pic you want.

I appreciate that you’re following along as this unfolds here on the blog, and on instagram and facebook!

Much love,
Meg x o



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