The Making of: The Shoes of Sincerity painting

Hey DearHeart,

I hope this finds you Walking Your Path with patterned boots on :) *Hugs*

I’ve been rearranging my studio area, aiming to create beauty and functionality – not perfection – under the guidance of Jen Hofmann and Cory Huff. I’ll be able to collect and access my ideas for art and writings at last, instead of them being on snippets of paper gathering dust and acting as psychic clutter. Method involves: grounding, baby steps, and the liberal use of evernote. I’m optimistic! *Knock on wood*


The Making of: The Shoes of Sincerity painting

I get a buzz watching others create things, and thought you might like a step-by-step walk through the making of one of mine. The Shoes of Sincerity is number 38 of my series of 50 that will comprise my Birthday Bold Art Project.

The idea for this picture emerged when I emailed confirming a commitment, using the imagery that I’d walk into a long-term project wearing The Shoes of Sincerity (as indeed I will here). I pledged (to myself as much as anything) to “Walk the … trail with shoes of sincerity and a heart full of light, and be open to freedom and abundance.”

Why paint this? The visual decision metaphor helps me cement my intention. This is how I’d dearly love to approach my projects for the year.

I have a photo of red boots on my yearly collage near the word ‘sovereign’. Mmm… sincerity and sovereignty are yummy states. Thinking of and painting The Shoes of Sincerity helps me start to embody sincerity, and commitment… to a heart-centred, present attitude to life, learning and moving forwards.

Here in Australia we’re heading towards the cooler weather. Painting boots, tights and a coat somehow helps when I’m starting to feel the cold. I like boots. They’re warm. And Old School, somehow.

First a loose pencil layout to get the composition sitting right.


Then I usually start by inking in the border and the main subject with my dip pen.


The ink splattered plastic container is a trick from when I worked at Ruth Tuck‘s Art School, it’s an ink-catcher in case you knock over the ink bottle! It has happened. And it does work. The squat, stable plastic container that I’ve decanted the ink into helps, too.


I love drawing with the pen and nib. The deliberate fine yet uneven mark going on to the rough paper. Dipping into the ink frequently to recharge…


So, how did I make this? Pen, ink and watercolour, plus pencil for composition and a photo for the boot reference. Haha, just the shape – not the patterns!

Finalising the ink stage. Can. Not. Wait. to add colour when ink is dry!


Here goes…


Blue first, on the shoes. Blue feels a colour of sincerity.

Lots of pattern and decoration… Striped tights, like from a children’s book or a fun costume!


My intention for this year: walking forwards firmly and solidly. Walking, surely. Maintaining a forward motion.


When painting I was rushing a bit as the daylight faded. Green running into wet yellow-painted petal. And red into the green grass. I’m leaving them where they are, in the spirit of Loosey Goosey! Letting things be what they are. It’s a beautiful thing.


My orange feline keeping my company. Mostly he was asleep! It’s a good spot, by the window in the sun.

Now the sky is painted you can see the lady in the picture is also hurrying home before the daylight fades!


Looks like it needs some more texture in the grassy areas. Soft brush lines.


When the colours come together they trigger my happy. You too?

See you next time!
Much love,
Meg x o


PS Did you know? I have 2 short Making Of videos on my YouTube channel… one of my Thank You Piggies lino print being made and one of my 2013 Christmas bookmark watercolour.




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  2. Love this Meg! Great to see your steps and your patient cat, waiting for your attention – or supervising? Those boots look just right for you. You are grounded and also starry! Thanks for sharing with us. Philippa

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