Work in Progress: Hazel’s Chai and Paisley

Welcome! I’m glad you’re here, and glad to be back, too – I’ve missed the relaxedness of typing on a full size keyboard! #technoluxury

… Let’s talk about art and cups of tea :)

Photograph with a top view of a white china cup and saucer with tree design, with marks showing the gradual drainage of the cup. The background is a blue, cream and deep red/brown patterned fabris. The blog post text is overlaid in white.

Here are some work in progress photos of me creating of Hazel’s Chai and Paisley!

In the photo above and below left, the fabric under the chai cup is the pattern featured in Geranium, Succulent and Honeymoon Fabric.

Hand holding tea cup with patterned fabric cloth. Right hand side image is beginnings of drawing the cup

Here’s the drawing in progress. You can just see (in the right pic above and left below) a little of the light pencil sketch from working out where on the page the cup and saucer would sit. That gets erased before painting.

In the right picture below, you can see a small papier mache container at left of the shot… that’s where the paisley came from! The dark-red-with-flowers fabric (a gift from a friend – hello sister J!) got a colour change and became part of Rapidly Ripening Figs and Nectarines!

on the left, a line drawing of a cup and saucer with patterned background. On the right, the same drawing with painting started and some of the items on the table behind the painting in progress

Watercolours are such a perfect medium for the watery sweetness of a cup of chai, aren’t they? Here’s a section with the tea, and a close up of the tea:

Painted cups of chai tea

At left below there’s a finished section containing a bit of everything: cup, saucer, table cloth, plus vase and wallpaper from the background … At right a close up while painting the background and intricate patterns.

This piece would be lovely company for your cuppa nook – perhaps having been framed by a local framer – to gently remind yourself of the sheer luxurious validity of taking a moment to savour life, tea and beauty!

[Side note: While painting this, I listened to a podcast of Russell Brand interviewing Brian Cox … you may feel the vibe of intelligent voices with British accents emanating from this one!]

There’s only one actually hand painted by me, and a limited number of gorgeous quality art prints here. Scroll down to make this picture your own if its speaking to you!

Talk soon!
Love Meg x o



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Pictures 39-48 of my 100 Pictures Project

Wow! It’s December! How’s your 2018 been so far, dear heart? [It aint over ’til it’s over, right?]

I’m half way through my 100 Pictures Project and this is the latest gather up! Click this to see the finished pictures in my online shopHere’s the original project explanation in which I optimistically think I’ll complete it in one year! Har har har! << Hearty Laughter of Hindsight :D

The past 2 months have been full of surprises, and I’m grateful I’ve been able to continue slowly, surely on this project …

Picture 39 – *Erick* – Custom Cat

Happy cat owners taking delivery of their custom cat portrait

How are my customers so completely delightful? They really are. [I must ask Rosalie where she gets that gorgeous mauve hair dye from.] This is the human ‘owners’ [cat servants, you and I both know I use the term loosely] of beautiful Erick collecting their framed Custom Cat portrait commission. Mwah!

40 Luna’s Garden and 41 Heinz the Jack Russell cross

Project in progress image, with black cat under a night sky at left, and painted happy dog at right; overlaid with text reading “100 Pictures Project” and the URL

I’ve been wanting to do nasturtiums on a kitty for a while now – #mixandmatch – and Luna is where it happened. As I aim for 10 dog pictures in this project, the friendly chap on the right is a fit character I met at the beach … funnily, I already knew his owner!

42 You are my Audrey

2 You are My Audrey drawings - one with print and one with connected writing

The Facebook community around Osher Gunsberg’s podcast know what this means!
I haven’t decided which writing for ‘Audrey’ I like better. First thought I’d like the print, but now I think I like the loopy! Which do you like better? I might even re-draw… #workinprogress

43 Sunny Afternoon and 44 Decorated Hand drawing

I like that these two are both intricate and spacious. I feel I’m better at drawing feet than hands, but this hand practise drawing turned out better than I expected, ‘specially once it’s decorated. Lucky me to have one hand for drawing with and another hand to draw (which I did while on vacation)! The still life, Sunny Afternoon, definitely gives off a sunny afternoon vibe … Meet me at a market/open garden and see it in real life, and you’ll see what I mean!

45 Feel Like Me and 46 Find Humility before Humility Finds you and 47 Light within you.

Two and a half drawings in black pen. Maybe too colour? We'll see...

These are part of a drawing phase when I arrived home from my vacation. Since then my world has offered many (big) surprises, which I may elaborate on once things have died down a little. Just half of the drawing on the right is revealed deliberately as it was for a bold soul friend who made her rainbow journey. She certainly hasn’t left our hearts, and it feels like it’s at least half private … It reads: Light within you. Blessings upon you. Love flying to you. The first of those three was a wish for a particular day (a variant on Words of the Day) and the middle one is generally a good thing to keep in mind!

48 Pointy flower and 49 Illusion of Separateness!

line drawings, part of Tangerine Meg's 100 Pictures Project

Misspelled. Then repaired.

See how I misspelled ‘separate’ with an e instead of the first ‘a’ (middle section)? D’oh! Lucky there is Photoshop!

What’s next?

The next #100PicturesProject picture – number 50! – is a portrait of another gorgeous kitty … Can.not.wait to show you! Being a Custom Cat portrait the ‘owner’ gets to see it first. Keep an eye on my instagram and facebook pages. I feel like this cat portrait process would be a contender for a reality show, with a big reveal at the end – after a cliffhanger / ad break of course! :)

Let me know if you want me to bring a particular card, picture or calendar for you to a market … sometimes I simplify pack/set up and we don’t want the-thing-you-can’t-stop-thinking-about left behind! Think of it as an in-person “click and collect” service!

South Australian bold souls: if you’re out and about in Adelaide city this Monday, you might like to check out the launch of the Safe Harbour project.

Have a great week with lots of gratitude, cat cuddles and peace in your days!

Talk soon!
Love Meg x o


PS One of the small things we do that add up over time is that our contribution to TPRF humanitarian aid has just cracked $6000. Wow! Go us! The reports of success of the Food for People Project are heartwarming and wonderful.

PS2 Time to order your 2019 calendars? See below to order if technology permits or go here. The themes are: Bold Women, Cats, Plenty and Backyard (<< that one’s for your Aussie ex-pat friends who have everything).

PS3 If you want original art & prints or numbered Giclee Prints for gifts, order this week is you possibly can, so the wings of the postal service/s can get them to you in time! Many originals are reduced by $50 so you can get the art and get it framed for under $500. #indieartcollecting

PS4 Are lino prints really original art? I answer that query here. (Spoiler: yes!)

PS5 How come so many of my gifts on my pinterest gift board are t-shirts lately? #expressyourself


Bold Interview 17: Michelle Nickolaisen

Hello dear bold souls, Today, I’m delighted to introduce you to the magnificent human known as Michelle Nickolaisen, who I’m proud and happy to know “from the internets!” Settle down comfortably and enjoy this Q&A with Michelle :)

Blog title for Bold Interview 17 on

You’re a Multipod/Multipotentialite/Scanner –  a podcast writer&producer, blogger, writer, Freelancer Planner creator [have I missed anything there?] … How do your interests support and oppose each other?

I don’t think you missed anything! (Actually, upon reflection, I did realize I’m dipping my toe into game designing/writing, mostly TTRPGs but I have an idea/outline for a text-based choose your own adventure game that would be a phone app…) For the most part, my interests support me in different ways — I do enjoy nonfiction writing, but I mostly do it for my day job, which supports me financially, so that I can work on my creative projects, which don’t make much money, but are extremely fulfilling. It can be hard to juggle them all, but for the most part I really enjoy having so many projects going and tend to get ideas for one project when working on another, so they feed each other.

Book cover: Keys and Needles by Michelle Nickolaisen

Your Freelancer Planner is a place where zen good looks meet organised systems… I know it well due to our collaboration and it’s such a good system. How did you learn to be so organised that you can teach others? And why is it important to have visual pleasingness as well as order?

I’m not sure how I learned to be so organized, honestly – a lot of it is that if I’m not super organized, then everything is a mess. Sometimes my systems get a little complicated (or involve some duplication of work, like my giant dry-erase calendar and my Google Calendar), but without the systems, nothing gets done and I just sort of wander aimlessly throughout my day, so I started to get and stay organized at a fairly early age out of necessity. (It probably helps that I started freelancing around age 20.) For me, something being aesthetically pleasing is part of the function of it — if it’s nice to use, it makes me more likely to use it. If it’s ugly, I’ll put off using it or forget it exists, honestly!

Michelle Nickolaisen seated in front of a graffiti wall with black drawings and lots of green and blue. She's looking out of the photo to our right.

With your activism – How and for what causes do you do activism? (if you’re comfortable to say)
How do you look after yourself so your activism can be sustainable. Tell us about an activist you admire.

I try to be active on a lot of fronts, including voting and helping other people vote, donating money to smaller nonprofits and to crowdfunding campaigns for marginalized people, etc. I also created a directory of LGBTQ+ friendly gyms called Safe to Train, which I’d like to expand more on when I have time. When it comes to specific causes, there are a lot, but racial equality, LGBTQ+ rights and equality, and reproductive/healthcare rights are pretty far up there for me…but even just listing that, I think of mental health advocacy, climate change, income inequality…they’re all linked so it’s really hard to pull out just one or two and say “this is it, this is where I’m putting my focus!” Maybe if I did, the day-to-day might feel a little less overwhelming, but I try to be as aware as I can about all fronts without just sinking into existential dread.

I try to remember that it’s about the long-term, not just the short term. It doesn’t do anyone (least of all the cause, or me) any good to burn myself out. It’s hard to remember that when every day seems to bring something new and nightmarish in the news cycle, but we’ve got to be in this for the long haul if we want to effect any long term change.

For activists I admire, I’m not sure if they count (I’m not sure what “defines” an activist, you know?), but I love Ijeoma Olou, Anthony Oliveira, Tunde Olaniran, and probably several more people I’ll think of later, who are all creators who are politically active.

MIchelle Nickolaisen riding a green bike in front of a graffiti wall that says "Hello"

You do cool things for your physical fitness – tell us about those and what you love so much about those activities :)

Yes! So I still do weights sometimes, and I cycle both for fun and to get around, but my two main loves are martial arts and bouldering. I started climbing regularly last September, so I’ve been climbing regularly for almost a year now. I started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in August of 2015 and I currently train a mix of that and Krav Maga, so it’s been just over three years since I started training martial arts. Both of them are great in that they feel very practical — although I hope I never have to use my climbing skills in real life, it’s good to know that I can do that, and it “feels” more real than lifting weights does. They also both combine thinking and physicality, in that you have to think about your fighting or climbing strategy as you’re doing it. And they’re also great for forcing me into focus and into almost a meditative state; you can’t be thinking about a million things when you’re sparring or on the wall, because that’s how you get beat up or fall!

For a long time I struggled to maintain any kind of physical activity because I was often bored by it, but doing these two things has been great for me because they keep me engaged in my fitness routine and give me an outlet. Since I started training regularly, my anxiety and depression have been much easier to manage.

Black and white photo of a large and a small Freelancer Planner opened up so you can see the page layouts.

Have things evolved as you imagined when you first started freelancing? How so and how not? How does your business and other activities align with your values and priorities?

The evolution has been really interesting, honestly! So when I first started freelancing, I did freelance writing, but got quickly burned out on it, as I was working largely through content mills and wasn’t sure how to progress past that point. There wasn’t a lot of information at that time on how to progress past “doing as much content mill writing as I can to pay the bills” and into “having an actual freelance career,” at least not that I could find. So once I got burned out, I started doing freelance project management, because my good friend Shenee Howard pointed out to me that not everyone has that as a skill. My plan was to use the project management and productivity coaching type services to basically subsidize the writing. After a while, after the memory of the burnout I’d had before faded some, I realized that I could just…do freelance writing, and get paid better for it, now that I had a pretty solid portfolio of clips from years of writing about productivity and project management.

From there it’s been a pretty direct path to present day, where, as of late August, I’m the full-time content marketing manager at Rebilly. There have always been side projects, and in between the side projects and the twists and turns my “day job” career has taken, there is really no way that I could have predicted how everything would turn out. I think I’d have the broad strokes (writing-related, of course), but that’s about it.

Aside from giving me the freedom and means to support the political causes I talked about, my career also gives me a lot of autonomy and flexibility, which has always been really important to me. Being able to tackle things in the order that I think makes sense, or go work out in the middle of the day, is really important for my personal productivity, so that flexibility is important to me. For the creative projects, I think it’s important to make art from your POV [point of view] — I can’t think of a more elegant way to put it than that, but it’s just important to me that I do that and help others do the same.

Screen shot of Michelle Nickolaisen demonstrating the Freelancer Planner while wearing a Buffy t-shirt

And a bonus Buffy question: Who’s your favourite character (and why) and what do we do when good creators do bad things?

I think my favorite is either Willow or Giles. I think there’s a line to be walked there when it comes to creators doing bad things — this is something I’ve thought a lot about both with Joss Whedon and JK Rowling as of late. I think it’s distasteful to say that you can ever separate the creator 110% from the art — especially when the creator has done really, really heinous things (looking at you, Polanski and Allen) — but at the same time, I think it’s possible to say “This piece of media wasn’t perfect, and neither is the person who made it, but at the time it meant a lot to me and it will always hold a special place in my heart, even though now I’m open to critiquing it.”

Black and white photo of Michelle Nickolaisen


Michelle Nickolaisen is a writer, podcaster, & creator based in Austin, TX. When not creating something, Michelle can be found listening to podcasts, watching Netflix, or doodling.

Check out:
Michelle’s writing and strategy services, freelancing and being organised at Bombchelle Industries and our
collaboration the Freelancer Planner






Thanks for joining us today, Michelle… it’s really fun and inspiring hearing what you’ve been up to. Bold souls: I hope you’ll go check out Michelle’s online stuff and keep her in mind if you need anything she offers… 

Talk soon,
Meg x o


Live Bold List 50: 6 Reasons I make lino prints of Bold Women

Wow, 50 Live Bold Lists – how exciting! This is seriously a testament to keeping at it one blog post at a time!

For this one, I tried to figure out why when I create ‘people pictures’ I steer towards the medium of lino printing.

Bold List 50: 6 Reasons I make lino prints of Bold Women

  1. Simplicity. I ‘force’ myself to design with simplicity in this medium. Which leads to:
  2. … celebrating the person or idea (or both) with bold visual representation. Carefully chosen lines and shapes, and
  3. …  a strong overall composition. Cogitating about the composition for ages – so it says what I want to say clearly, even if this means trying and re-trying … not just re-doing the sketching, but on occasion entire re-design/re-carve/re-print/re-paint! It took several goes to make the final simple layout for *First Fig*.
  4. It’s super fun and inclusive to experiment with rainbows of cat coat and human colours in small editions of prints. Like *Speak With Love* or *Welcome Cat (the lino print)*.
    Two lino prints as a backdrop for title wording. The left lino print has a woman with a purple and blue mandala on her neck, and colourful clothing. The right print is a woman with a winged pig on her shoulder.
  5. The sheer visceral un-rushable pace of creating a lino print; from designing and carving an image where there was none, to printing and painting. A measured pace compared to other everyday activities, like say watching TV or driving fast on a freeway!
  6. To amplify the visibility of a snippet or thought in a real human woman’s life, to acknowledge and celebrate my or someone else’s everyday story. Like above when I got thyroid medication made from pig thyroid glands, and below where I celebrate friendship and the universal vibration of the purr of a cat.

Two lino prints as a backdrop for title wording of a blog post. The left lino print has two friends hugging. The right print is a woman with a cat, in a garden, with a starry sky

Did you know?

All the lino prints shown here appear in my 2019 Bold Art Calendar (Bold Women theme)?

I’ve had a heckuva week… I’ll tell you about it once the dust has settled, but for now, from the midst of the dust, I say: “Acknowledge and appreciate your everyday, dear kindred spirit!”

Talk soon!
Much Love,
Meg x o



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A tall lino print of a woman wiht a calm smile and colourful patterned clothing, titled “Speak with Love”; overlaid is the blog post title: “Bold List 50: 6 Reasons I make lino prints of Bold Women”A tall lino print of a woman wiht a calm smile and colourful patterned clothing, titled “Speak with Love”; overlaid is the blog post title: “Bold List 50: 6 Reasons I make lino prints of Bold Women”

Pictures 33 to 38 of my 100 Pictures Project

Hello Lovely Face and welcome to my 522nd blog post! [That seems a big number! We got here one blog post at a time!]

After a couple of months working on calendars-calendars-calendars, I’m amazed any pictures got created at all towards the *100 Pictures Project*! They did though. Lots of them are cat pictures :) And here they are…

100 Pictures Art Project header image with silvery blue intent cat on a vibrant patchwork quilt background


Picture 33 – drawing: Sleep is Magic

I drew this while listening to an interview with Sleep Diplomat Matt Walker. It’s an apt self-description – he’s calm, persuasive, highly educated and absorbing about how beneficial sleep is to us. [By the way, 7-9 hours sleep is ideal.]

After listening to his interesting things-which-ya-kinda-know-but-pick-up-more-strongly-in-the-rehearing-as-an-adult, I now count it as an even bigger win to start each day having had enough magical sleep time.

This drawing is currently not in my online shop, however if you’d like to see it as a colouring page or tshirt, message me and I’ll see what I can do.

line drawing of sleeping floating woman by Tangerine Meg

Picture 34 – Dion, the Tawny Abyssinian – SOLD

Dion’s person has seen this now [see below left the photo from our presentation meeting last Friday] so, like a final ‘reality’ TV reveal, I can show you the Custom Cat portrait I’ve been working on. What a smart and delightful person and cat! On Sunday Dr K emailed me to lock in painting Dion’s sister.

For those of you playing at home, I’m now booked for the rest of the year for Custom Cat portraits. The next spot secured will be first on the wait list for 2019.

Happy customer photo with framed Custom Cat (at left) and close up of the Custom Cat painting (at right)

Picture 35 – Ivan the Blue Russian – SOLD

This gorgeous Blue Russian cat’s owner [ok, we know very well we’re not owners!] was a big part of the community in the SA Cat Show world, and a kind, generous person.

blue russian cat art at left and photo of tshirt of black cat with stars art

Picture 36 – Black cat with stars design ^^^

I dearly wanted a black cat with stars for a tshirt image, after Mr Inky came into our home. So I made one! Click the picture above to see this design on everything but the kitchen sink. Haha, I can’t keep up with magnificent Red Bubble. Seriously, even if I blink my one eyes [one] at a time, they still have yet another product to print your art on! I love it – love art on All The Things! These black cats with stars look groovy on items from bedcovers, phones and leggings to a plentitude of styles and colours of tshirts!

Picture 37 – Oh my Gourd!

Why in gourd’s beautiful planet are there so many hilarious name possibilities for the title of this one? Oh my Gourd! , Gourds. Gifts. etc etc. Click the picture below to see the gourd picture in the *100 Picture Project* section of my shop. Oh, my Gourd! was offered by Ms T on Facebook. If you have another gourd phrase to make us laugh, chime in below in the comments section :) See the Making Of pictures here on my instagram.

Pic 38 Louix the Turkish Angora ^^

Remember when I painted the Turkish tabby? Rita, a professional cat breeder and photographer on Facebook [<<< check her work out, she’s good, isn’t she?] posted a pic of this fluffy sweetie, her Turkish Angora cat. This past fortnight I got a chance to try painting it. There are hardly any drawn pen lines on this one, mostly brush drawing. Very softy, right? Like the cat itself.

Check this out

I feel lucky and happy to be adding to the cat iconography of our time. Click this to read about an amazing collection of cat images and objects, the book Caticon, in an article by Purrington Post. Welcome, if Purrington Post is where you clicked through from :) Hi, cat lovin’ friend!

Have a great week with lots of cat cuddles and other love and peace in your days!
Talk soon!
Love Meg x o



PS Talking about things that add up over time with repeated small efforts [which we were at the top], our contribution to TPRF humanitarian aid is slowly edging even further above $5000. That sounds a lot, and it’s done a lot of good for others. [It also feels like a more positive way to move in life than watching the news and getting depressed!]

PS 2 Click this if you want to see my Cat Art board – my e-version of Caticon! – on Pinterest!
To see things that inspire me with floaty persons such as picture number 33, check out my  Dreamy Souls pinterest board – a lot of it is Marc Chagall … he’s such a legend!

PS3 I’d be remiss not to mention my Cat Art 2019 Calendar! Technology permitting it’s available below, otherwise click this to whoosh to my gallery shop ^^














7 Reasons I adore Artwork on Paper!

I love*love*love artwork on paper! Here’s why …Handcoloured lino print of a joyous woman under the sun with her cat, overlaid with type reading “7 Reasons I Adore Artwork on Paper”

7 Reasons I adore artwork on paper, ‘specially watercolours

  1. The sheer variety of possible artworks on paper. In my own work, I do watercolours and lino prints. In my down time I draw on visual diary pages and cut up magazines for collages. There are plentiful art techniques using watercolours and more wonderful kinds of printing and other art that I appreciate by others. What about those amazing Altered Books, cut paper illustrations, paper making … oh, so many more than I can mention here…
  2. The way the colours sing in the light feels so alive! Breathing, almost. Not stuffy.
  3. Painting on great paper is quite simple, a bit primal … the rough ‘tooth’ of the surface, the watery flow of colour. You can choose to let putting paint and brush to watercolour paper ‘force’ you to be in the present moment.
  4. Rag paper is 100% cotton. It biodegrades if you wanna get eco about it. Which we do.
  5. It’s bold. When painting with watercolour on paper, you’re committed. You can’t press undo – there’s no apple-Z (or control-Z) for this kind of art! And, if you start getting addicted to whole lot of erasing you’ll bring only destruction to the surface of the paper. No return. Frequently surrender!
  6. I think it’s the light shining *through* the paint that makes it glow…
  7. Affordable, original living artists’ artworks make a fresh, valuable addition to a Works on Paper wall of curious beauty, grouped beside the stairs or on the wall behind a reupholstered lounge chair.

Work in progress on an artwork on paper . Hand shown painting bottlebrush leaves.

Click either of the pictures above to see them in my gallery shop … maybe even make one your own!

Hassles with framing your artwork on paper?

Canvas paintings are often quite robust … artwork on paper needs great framing and particular care to last well. If that makes you a bit cautious, go ahead and download my free printable new art collectors guide to framing, How Do I Frame my Lino Print? for new Art Collectors tips.

Do you have a massive crush on artwork on paper, too?  What do you love about it?

Talk soon,
Love Meg x o :)


PS Print of the Month for July is *Bottle with Bottlebrush* which you can see me painting in the afternoon sun, in the picture above. Click this to check Bottlebrush out as Print of the Month (July 2018). First come first served: click this to invest in the one of a kind Watercolour!

PS2 Perhaps you’d enjoy my Pinterest board about collecting art, particularly artworks on Paper.

If I had 100 books…

Do you ever read a book and think “…this message needs to be heard?”

This month, if I could have 100 copies of one or two books to give away or share – and thus get its message to 99 more people – I’d choose:

  1. JJ Virgin with her diet, not because I’m a diet person – quite the opposite! – but because the anti inflammatory information is so important. Let me know if you read it and if you tried it, how did you go?
  2. The Barefoot Investor by Scott Cape Pape [haha, must’ve been thinking about super heroes], because nobody gives you the jolly numbers! And he does. I haven’t followed everything he says, just taken what suits and made a start. And our money organising is improving all the time. Which I’m finding reassuring as I get older.


What book (or two) would you choose to share with 100 people? What’s been important to you (now or ever) or holds a uncommon yet human message? Let’s know in the comments or on Facebook

Talk soon,
Meg and Mr.Inky x o



PS If you’d like a free download of bookplates with my art on them, to put your name in your books, or a few different bookmarks, click this to join up for my Tangerine Treasury secret download library and mailing list! There are blog post round ups and very soon the new calendar coupon code, too. Mwah!

PS2 The photo at top illustrates: *Sorry, No Drinking the Paint Water*! [Lucky my space has a door for when I’m not there to put my hand over the jar!]SaveSave







7 Easy ways to drink more water

Do you want to drink more water – keep up your hydration through Winter – but struggle to fit in those sweet clear drops amongst the busy-ness of your day? Perhaps these personally tested tips will help…

A glass with water and light reflected in it, with pansies in the background adding colour

[Note that I’m not a medical professional or health coach (if you need one of those, contact Yaisa) just a human with a body – lucky! – following the best recommendations I can find, who’s set up a few handy habits that may be of some use/inspiration. Hope so.]

7 Easy Ways to drink more water

  1. Have a drinking vessel that’s just yours so your housemates/family don’t throw off your numbers by sharing it. Refill that as soon as you drink it down, so it’s easily ready when you next reach for it. And…
  2. … keep plenty of water on hand ready to pour into your glass. A tap? Perfect! A filter jug (or some other kind of filtration system)? Great! A water tank? Lucky, that can be pretty clean (in most places) as it’s plain rain. [I hear ya if you’ve bird fr*ckers on the roof dirtying it all up – we do too, hence all the mentions of filtering!]
  3. Use a bigger glass if you can. Even just a little bigger. I noticed using a smaller glass it was easy to accidentally drink less over the course of a day, when I was wanting to keep my hydration up-up-up. You’ll intake more, just by drinking the same number of glassfuls!
  4. Drink water when you are doing specific Always Do Them tasks. I think that’s called habit stacking? Add your drinking water habit to the things. For example, drink water when you’re getting up, drink water when you’re taking vitamins (that’s easy ‘cos you need the water to swallow the supplements!) Drink water when you’re about to go to bed (start the night well hydrated). This will quickly lift your tally per day.
  5. Get the cleanest water you can. I’m very lucky to have and enjoy rainwater – filtered of course!
  6. Keep water at the temperature you like best. If you like cold cold water, keep it ready in the fridge (if you have one)! I like it at room temperature so I store 5 litres or so in a camping container ready to access. It even has a little tap.
  7. Practise savouring and enjoying plain water. No bubbles. No sugar. No flavouring. This works well with our human bodies!

Still life with a sprig of wattle in a small yellow jar


As I wrote this, I realised I’m in a privileged position: I have a water tank, a roof, a working pump and a series of filters – the trickiest part is keeping up good habit-izing of my intake. I’m privileged even when I assume you also have several different sized drinking vessels to choose from! [If not, op/thrift shops are a potential source, if you’re lucky enough to have such a source nearby and a few dollars for a new glass, cup or jar.] How ridiculously lucky I am to take these human necessities for granted!

I’m guessing if you have a computer and internet access to read this with you might also be lucky enough to have clean water to drink.

What can we do to help someone who mightn’t have the good fortune to access clean water?

We support TPRF to bring nutrition and hydration to persons who need it, and I’m amazed by all the wonderful ripple effects. Check out a wonderful set of new videos in their World of Difference appeal, ‘specially the one about the Food for People program that we support: Sustenance and Sustainability (or watch below, tech permitting).

Shop art in my gallery shop to join in contributing via Bold Art for Bold Causes!

Have you got other hydration habits to share?

Do tell. And let us know how you go!

Have a hydrated and joyful week, bold soul!
Love Meg x o



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Wonderful mews I mean news!

black cat on a red book shelf

If you can see the picture, you may’ve guessed… love in the shape of a cat has come into our family – a rescue cat as black as ink with salt sprinkled on him.

Here is some (prophetic perhaps?) black-cat-in-garden art I made some time ago …

black cat amongst nasturtiums artwork by Tangerine Meg


Was it the right time?

I’m gonna say “yes”. I think we chose each other that evening.

And, that I’m proud of myself and Tangerine Man (husband) for intermittently, slowly – over a period of months! – having a drawn out conversation after Captain Whitepaws left via the rainbow elevator.

We didn’t want to quickly.get and try to stop feeling sadness from losing two old man orange cats in two years. Also, we were soon to move house, and we didn’t want to put that chaos upon a new kitty!

We’d gone via “…yes, again, sometime,” through “…soon…” and “We’ll know when it’s right”.

And now it is.

lino print of woman in a heart patterned dress joyfully riding on a black cat amongst and flower and butterfly studded garden

Welcome, Mr. Inky!

Mr. Inky’s coat is like velvet at night – your eyes disappear into him like a void! His eyes, blink blink back at you from his silhouette.

We’re knowing each other better every day, getting settled in together beautifully and it’s still very new.

I love that Mr. Inky slows my/our life down to a sit-on-lap-and-purr pace. Purring is such a universal sound/vibration that represents (and brings) quality of life.






We hope to have many loving years of keeping each other company.

Talk soon, bold soul!
Love Meg x o :)



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