Colour Musings. The journey of the lino print

Hi Kristina and other patient friends!
Sorry I took so long to get back here. I have figured out how to include an RSS feed widget (see right bar I think) as the timing of my blog appearances is a bit random! Today I have colour musings, and good news.

TP colour swatch 1

Here be “colour swatch 1”. I have cropped it in to show my pencil notes around the edges. The womans’s dress is mauve in this version, her side of the tree has a mixture of colours of flowers and I was toying with having the earth coloured blue. Also note it was a practice print and is on cheaper paper which has buckled more than I would like. The final edition is printed on Arches (French) watercolour paper which costs more and is LOVErly!

TP colour swatch 2

This I have called “colour swatch 2” (wow!). This trial was on the cheaper paper again, & was a print from the first lino matrix (piece) (you can tell by the unresolved flower-root area of the print, and the white paper showing in the guy’s hair). Here I was considering a French Ultramarine blue sky, which looked better than Cobalt Blue on this type of paper. Also the Tree Man’s tattoo at this stage has 2 leaves.

TP colour swatch 3

Here’s version 3 of the colour trials (colour swatch 3, surprise!). The man has a more simplified arm tattoo, it looks like a bit of branch is in front of his arm. The woman has a rosy pinky red dress and still mixed flowers. The sky now is Cobalt Blue which looks gorgeous and soft on the Arches watercolour paper.

And so you have guessed patient readers, the good news:

The final colour scheme is decided upon and the first of a 9 print edition has been painted. I will upload it for my next post.

Thanks for reading, and have a beautiful and happy xmas season. See ya, Meg.

“Tree people” grows into life

Hi Kristina and (possibly) 45 others!

Here is the final print of “Tree People” (it’s still sans colour, that’s for the next episode friendly readers):


“Tree people” final print

Now the tree-woman has a (hopefully a bit more elegant) bent arm, her hand the landing place for the dove; and the tree-man has a slightly tennis-muscled-looking forearm, on account of a bit of a slip with the cutting tools in the warm weather, or it could have been the tracing process got rushed the second time. Maybe a lesson not to over-work things but to complete them and move on. I think he can have a painted tree tattoo on his big forearm! I will add that in the next stage which will be the colour! Fun! Painting!

Thought I would do a couple extra pages too, showing other series of prints. Maybe a cat print page and a Happy people print page as well as this one on process.

"Tree people" work in progress

This print design was triggered by a concept of the surprise of recognising a good relationship. In “It’s Only Too Late if you don’t start now” Barbara Sher was talking about romantic, shallow, looks-like love versus the solidity & wonder of existing and learning alongside someone and looking up one day and noticing that your roots are intertwined. And she thought that was NOT romantic?!

Wondered if it may be of interest to show original drawings, prints and cut lino, etc? Then improved design etc, as I go? The posture of the people is part yoga, part yin and yang and probably impossible!

Here is a photocopy of the first design (initially done in black texta):

photocopy of initial design

The next pic I have is the lino itself! (First incarnation of the design, transferred to lino by carbon paper tracing)

Tree People 1 Lino

This is when the fun begins. A certain amount of control is relinquished, as my ability to control tools and lino is found to be a little limited, and we get lovely simplified shapes and curves get less smooth and it starts to look interesting.

Tree People trial print

So at that point, although I loved the simplicity that came with the process, I decided the design of the woman’s arm could be improved, and came up with this alternative. (NB: I haven’t drawn in all of the roots again although I intended to keep them in the design).

Tree People Design 2

Hopefully it’s not too small to see on the screen, but I have changed the woman-character’s arm to have a more elegant-looking (I hope) bend in it (more like the man-character’s posture).

Tree People 2 Lino

So it looks like I am carving from the right of the lino! All will be reversed when I get to printing stage…soon I hope!

Hope you have found this of some interest. Will keep up with what’s happening.

Tangerine Meg launches her verbosity

Hi anyone friendly!

Am going to blog about art I like, design I like, animation I like, colour, and hand water-coloured lino prints.

Will be linking in with my self-made website and showing/selling hand water-coloured lino prints. Have uploaded today a family favourite, an illustration of much-loved, intelligent family icon: Magpie (the cat).

A Cat Named Magpie