Happy Holidays 2013, Bold Soul!

[This page is only findable from the link in the Xmas newsletter for now; I may make it public in the new year.]

Hey Bold Soul,
Thanks for clicking over here to get your PDF and check out my 1:24 time lapse video of the making of the bookmark artwork.

But first

Here’s video/ad that I saw many times when in the Eastern States earlier this year. I never got sick of it! I love the Northern/Southern Hemisphere pairing of Christmas concepts in this video, and it still makes me smile every time!

And now, the ‘Making Of’ bookmark artwork video

It’s a time lapse capture of me painting the artwork for the Love.Light.Peace Christmas bookmark (see PDF download below). You are getting the very first look! Ooh… exclusive! :D

PDF Download for Bold Souls

Here’s the recipe/bookmark download for Christmas and the Holidays 2013. Print it out! Use and share the Love.Light.Peace bookmarks, and enjoy the healthy, ‘chocolate’-y goodness!

picture of printable PDF which includes a recipe for Raw Carob Fudge and 2 Love.Light.Peace watercolour bookmarks
How to get it: Click on the picture above. Download and save to your computer – somewhere you’ll be able to find it again – and print out. You could use your home printer, perhaps use a heavy paper. Cut along the grey ‘cut-lines’.

Enjoy the things! Happy Holidays!
Love Meg x o

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