5 tiny little events (in a disproportionately long blog post)

Greetings friends in the world of blog! I seem to be wordy today.

I have had little I-can-move-forward type breakthroughs in thinking about my web-site. The site has been percolating on my mental back-burner, and now it’s starting to make its way to the front burner (?!).
1 Have been reading great info from Seth Godin, and what a relief to read the words: “…don’t even have a homepage!” (from Knock Knock – Seth Godin’s Incomplete Guide to Building a Web Site that works). (Download for free from Seth’s Squidoo lens (site)). Prior to reading that I was pondering and pondering what could go on this apparently essential page, but the concept of not actually having a “home” page makes sense to me. I now feel as if I can progress with my site. More on this later.
2 The other decision I have made is instead of re-inventing the wheel and having gallery, sales, paypal etc all coded into my own site, I am going to see what happens if I try to sell (the artwork) on Etsy. To get closer to that today I went to the Post Office to check out insured postage costs all around the world, and also uploaded A Cat named Magpie to my brand new Etsy shop today.
So all that time I thought I was wasting on the internet on the weekend came to be happily and unexpectedly fruitful as I realised it was in fact research!
I can still keep artwork progress and archives here at the blog or on the “site”.

Numbers 3, 4, and 5 are all prints.
I have made an trial of the 2 prints I was working on. And here I have to show you (drumroll…) the first ever view of the print for my site banner (tada!):

tangerine epiphany banner

(I may yet add colour to this.)
As I need to re-scan everything big for the Etsy site, while I am at it I will also scan the other new work to show you.
Hope all is well with you,

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