Carving of the niche injury

Hi guys!

Sorry news for my left middle finger this evening: Was carving a lino block and jabbed myself in the end of the finger with a sharpish lino-carving tool. There was blood. I now have a bandaid on and am fine. (I was foolishly not observing the early-learned maxim: Cut away from your hands.)

Am working longer hours at my job this month, so when at home I have decided to spend less time in front of my computer screen. This means I get to focus on design/lino work, but also means the web site wont progress much till maybe February.
I am pleased to say I have 2 designs going:
Worked out a way around the mental block I was having for a dancing lady design, by using a scribble technique I learned from Ruth Tuck. I have also decided to try a non-rectangular lino shape – daring!
The other is a simple cat design. Both blocks are in the process of being carved. Will scan and show you soon.

By the way I have added another page to this blog. It’s only the beginnings, but I intend to include some printmaking terms defined (just ones which are related to my work) and will also have links to more complete references. I have deleted that page for the sake of simplicity. There is plenty of good printmaking information on line. Wikipedia is good for a starting point.

Next post I will tell you about the Winsor and Newton special paint colour for their anniversary 175 years of making beautiful paints.

Look after yourselves,

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