Heat and stone-fruit

We’ve had some hot days here, o lovely readers!
41 degrees C here yesterday, that’s 105.8 degrees F, for those that know Farenheit.
This week my inspiration from the garden includes the first of 17 peaches, and ripening satsuma plums.
This is really the first proper crop from a fairly young pair of peach trees. There are 2 in the “same” hole (probably less than a foot apart, they could share the same dripper on the irrigation line; arranged much like the 2 people in “Tree People”!). The left tree has 1 huge peach and the right tree has 16 smallish peaches. I ate the first of them today, warm & juicy off the tree. The tree branches are intertwined; and I haven’t had any pest trouble since the birds attempted to save me from the apricot-slime-making insects.
The plums are plentiful, and seemingly wait happily, patiently ripe until we are ready to pick them. I am loving sharing them with my family, neighbours and work-mates. There are plenty. They don’t seem to be attracting birds.
Concurrently struggling with a lino-print idea that seemed viable and simple, but upon development is eluding a decent-looking outcome. Maybe I will do a different one next and let that one percolate at the back of my brain/remain in the planning phase! Website is getting there. Hope to get it on-line soon. Have just trouble-shot some positioning problems, which has made it feel as though I am on the home stretch.
Hoping all is well with you all,

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