3 things I have discovered or learned on-line this week

Hello bloggy buddies!

Hope you are all well, and getting things done. I notice this blog has had 225 hits, up from 184 last time I looked. Thanks for coming! Feel welcome to leave feedback.

This week I have been researching on-line and discovered a few things/places which may be worth passing on:
1 You may have heard of the Zen Habits blog. This has tons of life information and ideas, in categories such as Family and Finance, Productivity and Organisation, Happiness, Health, and Simplicity
2 Tim Ferriss wrote one of the manifestos I mentioned last time, his is on not being distracted by emails! (I guess we all know that can punctuate your whole day sometimes). He also is the person behind the book The 4-Hour Working Week. Tim does some very interesting things.
3 I read/realised that I don’t have to join up to everything I see. Some stuff will just take up time and spread my time/effort too thinly (thereby doing nothing particularly well). Will try to do just a few relevant things consistently and hopefully well. I guess the difficult part may be discerning which is which!

Now that work has become 2 days a week instead of 3, I will be doing more things from the home office/studio. As well as progressing my lino prints, I am aiming to get on with setting my website up, and get more artwork up on Etsy for sale. I have some other projects which are bigger and collaborative on the menu too. Fun! I will keep you up to date with links and things!

Circus training is starting gently (which suits me), as the regulars are rehearsing for a show in the Adelaide Fringe (a most excellent Arts Festival – 2nd biggest in the world). Would it be worth giving you links for those? (ie. ZigZag Circus in Adelaide, and the Adelaide Fringe?)

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