Happy Sorry and Valentine Days

Greetings you fabulous blog-readers!

An important day in Australian history yesterday: Our Prime Minister (head of Government) apologised for past wrongs to the indigenous population! There was a really hopeful positive feeling in the air.
I enclose my sorry cardigan photo. I am holding one of the last plums and standing in front of a bit of the apricot/plum tree!)

sorry cardigan
I had better finally show you my latest lino prints.
At the moment I don’t like the cat one. The plum trees are too generic, and I don’t like the way the cat looks at you. I have carved a bit of the concern from his lino eyebrows, but I’m not sure if that will fix the problem. Will keep you posted (get it?)


Orange Cat in the Plum Orchard

The lady (Joy) dancing/flying one is not exactly what I thought it would be but I think I like it anyway. There were a few missed bits in the carving process which I have fixed, ready for an edition I hope. Thought I was pretty daring choosing a non-rectangular shape for the print! Can’t wait to start choosing the colours.


Excuse the variable white tones in the scans, these were too big for my scanner and were made of a few images Photoshopped (I am pretty sure that is a verb now) together.

I have discovered a fun site “ChangeThis” which has heaps of interesting, optimistic manifestos to download, read and be inspired by. There is a Women Bloggers one, and I also like the “RenGen” one (“The Big Picture is a collage”).
(Those links should get you to the right bit. Just let me know if they don’t work).

Hope you have had happiness and kindness as part of your “Valentine’s” day (what ever you might think of the commercialism, you can’t get too much happiness and kindness can you?)
Kind regards,

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