Girl wishing for rain

Hello you wonderful patient beings. Thanks heaps for coming.
Hurray! Today upload of brand new artwork:

Girl Welcoming Rain
This is the RainGirl I was only thinking of last time I wrote. She was inspired by a friend’s great idea of holding a RainDance event, and is really me although I don’t look like that. Appreciative of the first of (hopefully many) drops of rain, I am trying to forecast a happy near future!
It was fun doing this. I enjoyed working on the elongated rectangle lino, designing within that parameter. Also just the immediacy of the process on the smaller block (15cm x 30cm) gave a feeling of achievement (ie. It was smaller so I got it done quicker)! Also with the smaller block I was forced to Keep It Simple!
I haven’t yet coloured her with paint for print run yet, but have cropped and coloured with Photoshop for Tshirt design. This is how I have adapted would adapt her for on Ts:
[Unless demand requires otherwise, RainGirl currently not available on Tshirts]
waiting for the first precious drop
Update on weather (zone out now if it bores you): Cooler, but no rain (see above).
Update of weather/garden (stay zoned out if necessary): Still bucketing the washing water onto the fruit trees (including) phoenix-like female kiwi fruit vine, cranberry bush (stoic!) and 2 raspberry canes (which don’t seem to mind the heat/lack of water too much although the other 6 I planted with them are gone), as well as my Geraldton Wax (Australian native tree, which seems to have enough of a start now).
(Zone back in for short sign-off)
See you soon,

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