Cool change, now we just need some rain.

Hi guys,
Not much to report, but I thought I would at least check in and let you know that the cool change has come – what a relief! We had about 50 tiny drops of rain this afternoon, but not enough to get into the soil. It was enough, though, to get that nice smell of rain.
I found an interesting blog the other day: One of my favourites, Seth Godin (on the 17th of March) wrote a blog called “Why bother having a resume?”. It got me thinking.
Would you guys like a link to put your name to a petition to help Tibet? Also, for Australians here is a link to ask Mr Rudd to speak to the Chinese Government about the Tibet issue.
I was almost feeling too embarassed to write as I haven’t had time to do any painting. I have had a couple of nice ideas for new prints, though. One cat idea, of course, and one girl welcoming rain idea (on a tall piece of lino).
Hope all is well with you lovely blog-reading people,

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