Still HOT

Hello my favourite blog readers (if you are reading this, that’s you)!

Thanks for coming again. It’s STILL HOT! It’s night time and it’s still 27C (80.6F). Sorry to talk about the weather but it’s affecting me. I am sitting typing, and sweating. Yuck.

That new sign up/newsletter page of mine I mentioned, I think it may be having teething troubles.
By the way, anyone who has had a try: although it sends you to a thanks for signing up page, after that you will get a confirmation email; you need to click on that link and say ok. Then you get a green welcome email, and you’re on the list!
If it hasn’t worked I would appreciate you having another try, and also much appreciate you letting me know if it doesn’t work, as well.

Also due to rearranging of my web hosting if anyone has tried to email me it will have bounced back. Hopefully this is fixed now.

On the artwork front: Yesterday I made time to print off the flying lady print ready to do colour testing, and the cat/orchard prints to decide if it’s worth persuing. I think I won’t spend any more time, energy or paper on this particular cat print, it’s not working. I may use the special W&N (Winsor and Newton for those of you more recently arrived) anniversary blue (Smalt/Dumont’s Blue) to do the background of the lady one. Will paint, scan and show you very soon!

Take care of yourselves,

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