It’s November, and the 2024 Calendars are here!

Hoorah! My 2024 Bold Art Calendar cover is here for your perusal!

Just between you and me, don’t merely ‘peruse’ for too long though… I’m not printing excess calendars this year – just the quantity that gets ordered in this 1-2 week window (final date to be confirmed)… order yours today!

To order your calendars, click the picture to go to the calendar page, or find the 2024 Calendars button at the top of my website.

The cover of Tangerine Meg's 2024 Bold Art Calendar, which feature a painting of a big rainbow in a cloudy sky, over a landscape of suburban fences and rooftops. Rainbow birds swoop and dive in the distance.Please note, if you have any problems with ordering on your device (phone, iPad, etc) please can you try using a desktop computer? This is tech that I’m working on, but it won’t be fixed by next week…

Have a lovely week, dear one,
Meg x o
















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